EuroBlech 2008 ends on a positive note

More than 69,000 visitors attended EuroBlech in Hanover last week

Although many of the 1520 companies whose exhibits occupied almost 1 million ft2 of floor space in eight halls at the Hanover Messe spoke openly about positive business opportunities--even some remarks about "buoyant sales figures"--the show's organizers were more subdued, remarking that "....there was lively trading activity…even though the current economic situation is uncertain." I personally recorded several large sales of sheet metal cutting machines and witnessed many "Sold To…" signs being posted on systems after the first day of the show. As I mentioned in an earlier dispatch, the senior manager of a leading equipment supplier told me that sales made at EuroBlech reversed the results of a weak quarter, assuring him that the company was back on track to meet projected fiscal year revenue increase.

Powerlase Ltd. has announced the development of a 400G laser for green laser annealing (GLA) in active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) screen manufacture.

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