3D Systems announces iPro 9000 XL SLA Precision Center

Oct 14 08 - 3D Systems Corp. (Rock Hill, SC), a provider of 3-D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing solutions, has announced the iPro 9000 XL SLA Center for the production of extra-large, high-definition 'Pro Parts' for prototyping and end-use. 3D Systems plans to begin commercial shipments of this system during the 4Q08.

With the ability to deliver parts up to 60-inches long, the iPro 9000 XL SLA Precision Center is ideal for applications requiring large, single-piece parts with all of the performance attributes and accuracy that users have come to expect from 3D Systems' high-definition Stereolithography process. Its extra-large build platform (59 X 30 X 22 in. or 1500 X 750 X 550 mm.) is the largest commercially available Stereolithography platform. The iPro 9000 XL delivers a complete part with no seams for aesthetic superiority, uni-part durability, reduced labor and decreased cost.

Oct 14 08 - LVD Strippit (Akron, NY; www.lvdgroup.com) has introduced the Axel 4020 to its line of high performance Axel laser cutting systems. The Axel 4020 provides advanced laser cutting capabilities and dynamic part processing and is able to handle sheets up to 157" x 78" (4 x 2 m).

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