Customer accepts 2-kW ultra-high-brightness direct diode laser

TeraDiode sells TeraBlade-2000 laser to major customer in machine tool building industry.

Wilmington, MA - TeraDiode, a developer of direct diode laser technology for industrial and military applications, has made its first sale of its 2-kW high-brightness laser to a major customer in the machine tool building industry.

The TeraBlade-2000 is a new generation of ultra-high-brightness direct diode lasers, designed for industrial materials processing applications such as cutting and welding of steel and other metals. Direct diode is inherently the lowest cost, most compact, and highest efficiency industrial laser. When used with wavelength beam combining (WBC), the laser also has the brightness previously provided only by larger, higher cost, and more power-consuming fiber, disk, and CO2 lasers. WBC was invented and patented by MIT and is exclusively licensed to TeraDiode.

This laser is a 2-kW system operating at 970 nm and has a 100-micron delivery fiber with a beam parameter product of under 4 mm-mrad. The company is beginning to ship beta-level systems. Due to its modular design, the TeraBlade platform is scalable up to 20 kW to cover a wide range of applications in the cutting and welding markets; such higher power lasers will be introduced in the coming quarters.

TeraDiode will be showing the TeraBlade-2000 at the Laser World of Photonics 2013 that takes place next week in Munich.

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