Partnership adds laser cutting and engraving to wood panels

Cutting Technologies and the team behind Valchromat have joined forces to use lasers on colored engineered wood fiber panels.

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Barnsley, UK - A new strategic partnership promises to bring a wealth of fresh design opportunities to the UK interior design and architecture market. The team behind Valchromat, the high quality, colored engineered wood fiber panels, has joined forces with top laser cutting and laser engraving specialist Cutting Technologies and UK timber and panel products distributor, James Latham, to explore the huge potential this material offers designers. Cutting Technologies cuts and engraves in a variety of materials from wood and plastics to metal and fabric.

With its range of colors and thicknesses, Valchromat lends itself perfectly to highly decorative, design-led applications. Now Cutting Technologies is working with the material to showcase exactly what can be achieved through advanced laser technology.

"Valchromat is a superb material for both laser cutting and engraving and we’re producing some stunning effects which should enable designers to use Valchromat in a range of new ways," said Jane Robinson, director and co-founder at Cutting Technologies. "The intricacy and level of detail our lasers can cut and engrave, even on the thickest panels in the Valchromat range (30 mm), simply cannot be achieved through any other process. We’re confident that our strategic partnership will get the design world thinking differently about this product."

"We’re always looking for new and innovative ways of using Valchromat so Cutting Technologies is an ideal firm for us to be teaming up with," said Chris Dewhirst at Valchromat. "So far, we’ve been trialling a range of possibilities, including laser cut acoustic panels, laser engraved photographs and laser cut decorative panels. The results have been excellent."

Cutting Technologies was founded in 2003 and employs 30 people at its factory on Zenith Park industrial estate at Barugh Green, Barnsley. The company now has ~500 regular customers worldwide across a range of industries.

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