Laser Marketplace seminar on the global market for laser materials processing

Event to occur May 15 at Laser World of Photonics.

Munich, Germany - At Laser World of Photonics 2013 (May 13 to 16), the 11th International Laser Marketplace seminar and conference on Laser Materials Processing takes place on May 15 from 1 to 5 pm. In this conference, worldwide leading experts will discuss international markets and market trends as well as new applications and technologies.

The seminar attracts industry professionals, including decision makers and senior executives across the laser industry, from component manufacturers to system integrators, end users, and investors. One part of the seminar will cover the global marketplace and regional markets. The 11th International Laser Marketplace will be held in English.

The topics are:

* The Global Laser Marketplace – Short and Long Term Outlook, Trends and Drivers: Dr. Arnold Mayer, President, Optech Consulting, Tägerwilen, Schweiz

* Chinese Laser Market: Presence & Future: Dr. Qitao Lue, Chief Technology Officer, Han's Laser Ltd, China

* Industrial Laser Markets and Technologies in Japan: Status and Trends: Dr. Kunihiko Washio, CEO, Paradigm Laser Research Ltd, Japan

* Laser and Optics in the ASEAN Region: Markets, Key Applications, Technologies: Dr. Ahmad Magad, Managing Director, II-VI Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore

* Access to South-East Asia: Singapore as a laser and optics location: Alan Yeo, Regional Director Europe, Singapore Economic Development Board

* Market Pull and Technology Push – Lasers Enable Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing Processes: Magnus Bengtsson, Director Strategic Marketing, Coherent Inc, USA

* Sharpened Lasers Challenge Microerosion - New Ultrafast and Fiber Lasers and the Laser Microjet Compete for Precision Machining: Dr. Bernold Richerzhagen, President, Synova SA, Switzerland

* Laser Cutting in Metal Tube and Sheet Metal Fabrication: Dr. Maurizio Sbetti, Laser Technology Development Manager, Adige BLM Group, Italy

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