Laser cutter for sheet metal

Trumpf releases the TruLaser 8000 laser cutter for processing very large parts up to 52 feet in length.

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Farmington, CT – Built especially to handle oversized formats, TruLaser 8000 laser from Trumpf cuts sheet metal up to 52 feet in length. The machine is useful for companies processing very large parts, or for job shops looking to expand their capacities and range of services. The customer has the option to choose between two pallet concepts and six format sizes, ranging from 8 x 20 feet to 8 x 52 feet.

This newly designed 2D laser cutting machine offers many innovative features, including the optional AdjustLine function. This function modifies the cutting process using specially developed cutting tables to increase the tolerance for variations in material quality. Also new to the TruLaser 8000 is the optional CoolLine function, which uses water to remove excess heat created while cutting. This achieves far superior cutting results when dealing with low-grade material. The new large-format machine also grants a 0.2 inch increase in the maximum thickness for mild steel and stainless steel. Fabricators are now able to process this material, up to one inch, using a 6 kilowatt laser. The single cutting head strategy makes it possible to cut all material thicknesses without changing out the head.

With the new design, the machine’s control concept has also been enhanced. The user interface has been significantly simplified, as the machine now features self-explanatory, dialog-based touch command. The ergonomic control panel can be adjusted for the operator's preferences and the lighting conditions in the production area. A cabinet for the machine’s accessories is located directly below the control console, ensuring nozzles, lenses and cleaning sets are always at hand.

The high-efficiency cooling unit increases energy utilization, as does the updated laser standby mode. When the TruLaser 8000 suspends cutting, the laser reduces the amount of power it draws by 40 percent, yet stands ready to resume cutting in just seconds. The LensLine feature automatically checks the condition of the focusing lens, increasing its service life and eliminating unnecessary cleaning cycles. Clearly marked maintenance points, easy access locations and clear maintenance instructions contribute to the speed and ease of service.

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