Laser processing of glass materials workshop at Laser Zentrum

This workshop, in Hannover, Germany, on November 26, will discuss relevant laser beam source developments, laser joining, cutting, functionalization, and machine technology.

Hannover, Germany - Laser Zentrum Hannover eV (LZH) and the Bayerisches Laserzentrumg GmbH have organized a workshop, "Laser Processing of Glass Materials," to be held November 26, 2013. The main topics to be covered are relevant beam source developments, laser joining, laser cutting, and functionalization, as well as machine technology.

In many areas of manufacturing and processing industries, processing of glass materials using the laser plays an important role. The laser has established itself as a processing tool, and continuing developments of beam sources are opening new application fields for the laser in glass processing.

For example, there are interesting developments in the growing field of display glass, which could take on a new direction based on laser applications. Completely new applications are developing in the field of construction technology, for example in the area of façade design based on laser coating. Discussions are currently taking place concerning the ultrashort pulse laser as the future tool for damage-free glass processing. New possibilities are also arising for the use of lasers in manufacturing fiber optical components.

Researchers, users, and manufacturers in the field of glass processing, decision makers and workers in R&D departments, production and marketing, and all interested visionaries are invited to attend, to use the chance to talk with experts, and to exploit the know-how of two research institutes in the field of laser processing of glass materials.

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