Laser cutting hardwood flooring meets consumer demand

New Jersey flooring company adds laser cut pieces to its intricate floor designs.

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West Long Branch, NJ - Tri-State Hardwood Flooring is a hardwood floor company that works with products such as border medallions designed with a laser cutting technique, providing high end finishing and installation for all kind of wood floors. The laser cutting process for these products involves the use of a high-powered laser beam to cut material with computer-controlled parameters. Depending on the material, the laser beam either vaporizes, burns or melts it, greatly reducing the likelihood of needing finishing work.

Tri-State Hardwood Flooring sees the need to offer this service due to immense customer satisfaction. "We're committed to providing our clients with a range of high-value services that will increase the worth of their homes," says Tri-State secretary Talita Santos. "It's a tough market out there, especially in New Jersey, and adding this unique touch will not only make the flooring aesthetically pleasing, but will turn an ordinary home into a prized possession."

With the cutting-edge technology employed by Tri-State, the company has the capacity to work with each customer to the fullest extent. From what they've seen so far, customers are partial to three-dimensional wood medallions, borders, and engravings. However, Tri-State plans to offer a book of designs to choose from in the future due to its connections with graphic design agencies.

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