American Tank & Fabricating rebrands

The company has re-named itself AT&F to reflect that it now serves many markets with a number of precision fabrication products and services.

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Cleveland, OH - American Tank & Fabricating Co. has formally announced its name change to AT&F. The change came about because it "signifies that we have become a global company, serving many markets with a wide variety of precision fabrication products and services," said Michael Ripich, AT&F president. It also is due to the extensive growth the company has had during the past decade.

AT&F, which began in 1940 in the US, has fabricated components that pushed the limits of scale and precision, for example, laser cutting capabilities up to 1.25 in. thick with lengths up to 114 ft. and widths up to 12 ft. The last decade has seen AT&F become increasingly important in the realm of steel and alloy fabrication.

With resource capabilities, including the supply of ferrous and nonferrous metal, long press brake forming, laser and plasma cutting, robotic contour beveling, machining, heavy rolling and welding, AT&F provides high quality, tight tolerance fabrication.

AT&F is committed to customer success throughout the globe via specialized facilities, locations, and quality systems. They AT&F operate 700,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space across the globe in Ohio, North Carolina, Denmark, and India.

AT&F recently completed the installation of a third robotic contour beveling laser and other advanced processing systems. The company’s massive tonnage equipment for custom shaping and fabricating medium to heavy, long parts, and components is one facet of its manufacturing facility.

The company's service center offers prime materials direct from the mill, and its burning center possesses large tables with full-plate capabilities for precision laser cutting. The forming experts at AT&F specialize in cylinders, rings, cones, segments, angles, and custom shapes in medium to heavy walls, long lengths, and small and large diameters. A complete range of welding processes and in-house nondestructive testing, heat treating, and shot-blasting are a few of the many other services available.


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