Advanced lasers for cutting systems

LVD Company now offers a Fanuc resonator and control package for some of its CO2 laser cutting systems and has established a sales subsidiary in India.

Gullegem, Belgium - LVD Company nv now offers a Fanuc resonator and control package for select models of its CO2 laser cutting systems. The fully integrated Fanuc 31i-L CNC control and i-C Series resonator package reduces laser start-up time as much as 50%, provides increased flexibility for part processing, is more energy efficient, and allows increased time between maintenance intervals. The integrated system from LVD Company combines state-of-the-art hardware technology and high laser beam quality to ensure optimum process reliability and superior cutting results in an energy-efficient design.

The CNC control coupled with LVD’s Touch-L 19-in touch screen graphical user interface give the user dynamic control over the cutting process via an intuitive display.

Laser processing time is optimized as resonator start up-time is reduced as much as 50% over previous generation resonators. The Fanuc i-C laser source features short warm-up cycle times.

The control’s enhanced pulse frequency range provides a better cut surface quality, ensuring smooth, burr-free edges. Advanced control functions provide individual control of the laser power supply units for increased flexibility and greater uniformity in laser marking or etching applications.

The i-C laser is offered in power ranges of 2.5, 4 or 6 kW.

India subsidiary

LVD Company nv has also announced the establishment of LVD-Strippit India Pvt Ltd, a dedicated sales and service subsidiary based in Bangalore, India.

The formation of LVD-Strippit India Pvt Ltd follows the successful joint venture of Magal Engineering and LVD India in 2008. LVD-Strippit India Pvt Ltd capitalizes on the extensive market knowledge of each organization to maximize coverage and ensure strong localized sales and service support for a growing customer base.


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