Nebraska metal service firm installs laser cutting system

Millard Metal Services Inc. has recently installed a new Mazak Optiplex laser cutting system to improve efficiency.

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Omaha, NE - Millard Metal Services Inc. (MMS) and its sister company, Millard Manufacturing Corp. (MMC) have recently installed a new Mazak Optiplex 3015 4KW laser cutting system.

The 40-year-old metal service firm focuses on small and specialty metal orders and offers "cut-to-size" services (laser, saw, shear, and water jet) with quick (24 to 48 hour) delivery. Over $1 million of inventory is on hand.

MMS carries a wide range of materials, including stainless, aluminum, galvanized, carbon steel, brass, bronze, and copper, and Optigrip in sheet, plate, tubing, and shapes. Material can be traced and certified if needed. Optigrip, a stainless steel sanitary walk surface, is an exclusive product offered through MMS.

The new Mazak laser system, purchased from Gladwin Machinery, was needed to keep up with customer demand and to improve efficiency. The Optiplex 3015 can cut carbon steel up to 1-inch thick, stainless up to 1/2-inch thick, and aluminum up to 3/8-inch thick. It features two 5 x 10 foot cutting beds with pallet exchange operation, automatic torch and nozzle changing, and automatic lens monitoring.

"Our team has been pleased with the Mazak laser and the service from Gladwin Machinery," stated Lynn Hedell, VP of MMS.

MMS serves most of its customers within a 150-mile radius and is continually looking to expand its reach. Its storage area has its own automated tracking and loading system for efficient handling. All useable "drop" is identified, cataloged, and available for sale. Its loading bays are indoors.

Next door to MMS is its sister company, Millard Manufacturing Corp. It specializes in designing and fabricating custom industrial and food processing equipment and machinery.


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