Higher power UV and 1342nm lasers

InnoLas has released the NANIO 355-6-V-80 and the NANIO 1342-8-V lasers.

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InnoLas Laser is expanding its NANIO product line of UV lasers for material processing. The new NANIO 355-6-V-80 offers 6W of laser power at 355 nm, making this laser a good tool for many demanding micromachining applications like glass cutting, ceramic drilling, sapphire scribing or via hole drilling.

While 1064 nm lasers are standard in today’s laser applications, 1342 nm lasers have been wrongly overlooked when choosing the right laser for an application because no high power Q-switched lasers were commercially available. With the introduction of the NANIO 1342-8-V, InnoLas Laser now offers 8 W of Q-switched 1342 nm laser power, enabling many new application processes especially in the semiconductor and solar cell market.

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