Laser cutting firm wins contract for cider brand pumps

Cutting Technologies was chosen to laser cut the components and laser engrave wooden facias of the draught pumps for a Swedish cider brand.

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Barugh Green, Barnsley, UK - Cutting Technologies has won the supply contract with Booth Dispensers to laser cut all the components and laser engrave the wooden facias of the draught pumps, known as fonts, for premium Swedish cider brand Rekorderlig.

Cutting Technologies had initially helped in the prototyping phase to develop the designs generated by DC Brewin Ltd.

"Quite simply, this project could not have been completed without the assistance of Cutting Technologies. They created the laser cut profiles onsite, but off site they linked me with a network of suppliers who contributed to the fabrication, polishing and printing of the components. Cut-Tec then controlled all the manufacturing disciplines associated with this added value, to supply a finished product," Dean Brewin of DC Brewin said.

The skilled team at Cutting Technologies laser cut the fonts' stainless-steel trims with Beautifully Swedish, Rekorderlig's world famous sign-off. They also laser cut the internal structural components and engraved the company's logo onto the wooden chassis.

The pumps, which feature brightly colored LEDs and color-stained tap handles, are color matched to the flavor being dispensed and are currently being rolled out in bars across the UK and Australia as part of a major brand investment.

"The Rekorderlig order was really exciting to work on and the innovative design by DC Brewin Ltd shows how striking engraved wood and laser cut brushed stainless can be when paired together," said Jane Robinson, Cutting Technologies co-founder and business development director. "It's brilliant that our staff can see their handiwork whenever they walk into a bar. That's definitely something worth drinking to!"

"The contemporary but elegant design reflects our Swedish heritage and Beautifully Swedish positioning and will maximize our brand presence in the bar," said Gemma Copping, marketing director for Rekorderlig. The fonts reflect our brand so it was essential that the quality of the workmanship fitted the premium nature of Rekorderlig."

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