CO2 laser optics

Laser Research Optics is introducing custom-manufactured CO2 laser optics for 9.3 to 10.6 micron wavelengths.

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Providence, RI - Laser Research Optics' CO2 laser optics can be custom manufactured in 9.3 to 10.6 micron wavelengths in sizes from 1/2 to 1-inch O.D. and 0.070 to 0.12-in thick. They are suited for lasers operating at wavelengths that provide better performance in cutting plastic materials, which are highly absorptive at a particular wavelength, such as Kapton and PET, claims the firm.

Featuring laser-grade ZnSe, Laser Research CO2 Laser Optics have a 40-20 scratch-dig surface finish per MIL-PRF-13830 and 1/40 wave max. flatness at 10.6 µm on two faces. Parallelism is 3 arc/mins. Applications include cutting, welding, drilling, marking, and materials processing.

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