Fiber laser cutting system

Hypertherm introduces 3.0 kW HyIntensity fiber laser cutting system.

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Hanover, NH - Hypertherm has released a 3 kW fiber laser system - the HyIntensity® Fiber Laser HFL030 with a recommended cut capacity of 3/4 inch (20mm) for mild steel, a 1/2 inch (12mm) for stainless steel, and 3/8 inch (10mm) for aluminum. It was first debuted at Fabtech.

Like all Hypertherm HyIntensity fiber laser systems, the HFL030 is specifically optimized for cutting applications. It comes complete with pre-developed cutting processes, and all the needed components for significantly simplified table integration and operation. As a result, the system can cut thicker materials in some cases much faster than many higher powered competitive systems. In other words, Hypertherm’s 3 kW system has the cut capacity of other 4 kW fiber laser systems without sacrificing cut quality.

When compared with CO2 laser systems, the fiber laser cutting process significantly simplifies table design requirements and integration. Operating costs, thanks in part to the high energy efficiency of the fiber laser, and maintenance requirements are also much lower than with a CO2 laser for lower total cost of ownership.

“HyIntensity Fiber Laser system are easily integrated into a wide range of cutting machine types, allowing service centers and fabricators to expand their business by adding high precision fine feature cutting to their operations,” said Doug Shuda, product marketing manager for Hypertherm’s fiber laser products.

All of the HyIntensity systems were developed and manufactured by Hypertherm in the US.

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