Laser cutter for strengthened glass

ESI releases DiamondBlaze 5000 system for consumer electronics devices.

Portland, OR - Electro Scientific Industries Inc. has released the DiamondBlaze 5000 system for rapidly cutting chemically strengthened glass used in consumer electronics devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The DiamondBlaze™ product line uses a novel micro-disruption™ process to quickly and cleanly cut large sheets of strengthened glass to size with low cost of ownership.

The DiamondBlaze 5000 facilitates the One Glass Solution and Fully Integrated Touch processes used in the manufacture of touch panels and displays for current and future consumer electronics products; these processes enable thinner, lighter and less expensive devices. With ESI’s laser based micro-disruption process, production costs are substantially reduced through increased processing speed and part yield. In addition, the cleaner edges produced with the micro-disruption process reduce downstream processing, providing additional customer cost savings.

The DiamondBlaze 5000 is currently available for sale, supporting up to generation 3.5 glass. The DiamondBlaze™ 7000 will be available for sale later in 2013 and supports between generation 4 and 6 glass panels. Both systems support factory automation for ease of system integration into existing and future factory floors.

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