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Mazak releases 3D Fabri Gear Mk II for tube, pipe and structural applications.

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Elgin, IL - Mazak Optonics has released a new 3D Fabri GearMk II machine for an expanded range of laser cuttingtubes, pipes, and structural applications.

Available in a 220 and 400 model with a 2.5 or 4 kW resonator, the 3D Fabri GearMk II cuts a wide variety of tubes and pipes including round, square, rectangular, and triangular. It can also process I and H beams, C-channel, angle iron and additional user-defined shapes from mild or stainless steel.

Featuring a powerful, high-precision 6-axis laser, the 3D Fabri GearMk II can handle larger, longer, thicker and heavier material than similar machines. It also has improved processing speeds, tighter tolerances and can be used for drilling and tapping.

The 220 Mk II model can process a round pipe diameter of up to 8.6 inches at a rapid traverse rate of 3,937 IPM. For large material jobs, the 400 Mk II can process a round pipe diameter of up to 16 inches.

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