Color touch-screen for engraving systems

Xenetech's color touch-screen displays 262,000 colors with a display resolution of WVGA 800 by 400.

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Baton Rouge, LA - Xenetech Global , a manufacturer of laser and mechanical engraving and cutting systems, has developed the next generation of color touch-screen technology for its rotary engraving systems. Features of the new color touch-screen include: a 6-in. horizontal by 3.56-in. vertical display, 262,000 colors with a display resolution WVGA 800 by 400, and a USB 2.0 interface with transfer speed of 480 million bits per second.

The screen is part of a sleek, thin plastic design that folds flat when not in use. Xenetech is reportedly the only combined rotary engraving and laser engraving manufacturer to incorporate a full color touch-screen into its products.

Xenetech will begin shipping this next generation color touch-screen with rotary systems and electronics upgrade retrofit orders in February, while Xenetech laser systems will have the new touch screen later in 2013.

Xenetech's color touch-screen enables users to locate job files within the host hard drive and network; preview, pan, and zoom in on a job before engraving; as well as have complete real time control of the job's execution at their fingertip. The Xenetech touch-screen has on-the-fly speed and power control, re-engrave commands, multiple auto focus settings, maintenance settings and monitoring, point to an area and engrave placement, and many other features.

The color touch-screen also provides a host of new enhancements including: increased touch responsiveness and command execution speed, improved contrast and visibility, the ability to set and return to a soft or temporary home position, the ability for users to modify the screen buttons, and detailed previews of dithered and grey scale bit maps.

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