Ultrashort pulse lasers and other systems

Rofin will present new fiber and ultrashort pulse lasers at Medtec Europe 2013.

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Starnberg, Germany - At Medtec Europe 2013, Rofin will showcase new fiber and ultrashort pulse lasers alongside improved turnkey solutions. Rofin will also be presenting the latest models of their standard systems for cutting, marking, and welding.

StarFemto FX - next generation femtosecond laser

Three years after introducing ultrashort-pulse lasers in medical manufacturing, Rofin presents its next generation femtosecond laser source. With an adjustable pulse width from 300 fs to 10 ps and peak powers up to 660 MW, the new StarFemto FX (see above photo) covers the requirements for ultrashort-pulse material processing. New applications, especially those dealing with ceramics, glass and polymers, benefit from a significantly shorter fundamental wavelength of 1030 nm and optional second and third harmonic wavelengths of 515 and 343 nm. The StarFemto FX drills, cuts and structures almost every material with micron-scale precision. Cold material processing realizes taper-free cuts and holes with minimum scallop height and without any burrs. This not only opens new application fields, but as time and material consuming post-processing steps become obsolete, even well-established manufacturing processes can be implemented in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

StarFiber FC OEM - fiber laser for micro cutting applications

Rofin showcases an entirely revised fiber laser product lineup. The StarFiber 180 / 320 / 550 FC OEM sources offer extremely short slew rates and therefore realize highest possible pulse peak powers of up to 2400 W. The air-cooled laser sources in compact 19-inch rack format combine unique beam quality with high efficiency. As a special highlight, the StarFiber FC OEM sources offer a new fast parameter set switching capability. Thus initial piercing and the ensuing cutting pulse length and frequency can be predefined separately. This allows for a much faster and cleaner piercing, with less debris and lower thermal input.

StarCut Tube for cutting

Equipped with StarFemto FX or StarFiber FC laser sources, the StarCut Tube achieves contour accuracies better than +/- 5 micron and strut widths down to a few microns. Rofin's high-precision laser cutting system realizes the smallest cutting widths with delicate materials like Nitinol or Platinum. No other stent cutting systems offer such a wealth of options and extensions, from a 2+2 option for offset cutting and flat sheet cutting to an automatic tube-loading magazine that facilitates multi-shift operation.

New EasyMark desktop laser marker

The new EasyMark desktop laser marker realizes an innovative housing concept. The control unit and the working chamber are designed as separate modules. This provides maximum flexibility for assembling optimum system setups for each individual application. The system not only handles standard applications with manual part placement and removal, but also semi or fully-automated production lines.

Performance for welding bulky parts

Also live at the MEDTEC, the Performance now features sidewalls with additional openings as an option. This allows for convenient feeding of bulky parts. Two years ago, Rofin's manual welding system once more raised the standards for power and usability. Now even long parts, such as endoscopes, can be welded comfortably.

Rotating fiber-optics with laser processing head

Rofin-LASAG's rotating laser processing head allows for circular laser processing of tiny workpieces, sitting in a tray, or bulky parts, not suitable for mounting on a rotary axis. A synchronously rotating gas nozzle precisely delivers assist gas for perfect circular weld seams. Application examples are many, from manufacturing of parts for pharmaceutic facilities to cannula, medical instruments or valves to assembling endoscopes.

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