DirectPhotonics receives order for its 2kW laser system for laser metal cutting and welding

A leading German research firm has requested a DirectProcess system for industrial laser metal cutting and welding.

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Berlin, Germany - DirectPhotonics Industries GmbH, a provider of ultra-high brightness direct-diode laser solutions for material processing, has received an order for its 2 kW DirectProcess laser engineered for industrial metal cutting and welding of steel and non-ferrous alloys from a leading German research firm.

The DirectProcess fiber-coupled laser system generates an optical power of 2 kW ex fiber in the 930 nm region with a beam parameter product of only 7.5 mm-mrad, well suited for industrial metal cutting. The optical output power can be modulated up to 50 kHz with a rise and fall time of less than 10 µs. The DirectProcess laser comes in a convenient 19-inch rack mount and is cooled with standard industrial water.

Prior to the first 2 kW order, DirectPhotonics had already received several orders from key customers in Europe and North America to supply them with the 500W and 1 kW versions of the DirectProcess product line. DirectPhotonics plans to ship the ordered lasers starting in 2Q13.

"The unique combination of excellent brightness, superior efficiency and compact size of the DirectProcess laser enables our customers to run innovative material processing solutions, which reduce space, cost and service requirements of industrial laser processing," says Stefan Heinemann, CTO of DirectPhotonics. "We are excited to receive our first 2 kW laser order only 20 months after the start of our company."

The DirectProcess product series is based on several patents on power scaling of single-emitter laser diode systems with ultra-high brightness as needed in macro material processing.

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