Laser robot cutting for nuclear power plant disassembly

OC Robotics has been awarded UK government funding to develop its LaserSnake technology to be used as decommissioning technology.

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Bristol, UKOC Robotics has received £6 million of government funding to develop a full-scale demonstration of its LaserSnake, which could lead to the UK being a world leader in the decommissioning technology area.

LaserSnake uses two highly innovative technologies: advanced robotics and lasers that combine in a robotic arm that can be maneuvered around tight spaces in hazardous environments. The robot is connected to a laser cutting tool that can be used in nuclear decommissioning work to dismantle vessels, support structures, flasks and pipe work. The equipment is used to create a safe and cost effective solution for the multi-million-pound nuclear decommissioning market. The new funding will help OC Robotics develop the technology to a full-scale demonstration phase.

An initial successful feasibility study into the development of LaserSnake was funded by the Technology Strategy Board. The new funding will help them develop the technology to address the future market in power plant disassembly. The technology is already attracting significant market interest in the UK and overseas. It also has considerable spin-off potential in other sectors, including the petrochemical, military and construction industries.

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