NuStep invests in fiber laser technology to meet production demands

Recumbent cross trainer manufacturer NuStep has installed a fiber laser cutting machine into its manufacturing facility.

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Recumbent cross trainer developer and manufacturer NuStep (Ann Arbor, MI) has installed an LVD fiber laser cutting machine into its manufacturing facility, with an eye on improving processes to meet increased production demands.

At the company, laser cutting technology has been the centerpiece of their manufacturing system since it vertically integrated its sheet metal manufacturing processes in 2003.

Content Dam Ils Online Articles 2016 02 Nustep Web
NuStep's new Electra-FL fiber laser cutting machine from LVD.

Continued steady growth at the privately owned and family-run company pushed its CO2 laser cutting system to its limits, prompting the decision to explore an upgrade, according to Mike Steiner, NuStep's VP of manufacturing.

Steiner cites the vast improvements in fiber laser cutting technology in recent years as the deciding factor in making the switch from CO2 to fiber. “The new laser can cut almost three times as fast as the CO2 laser without sacrificing accuracy or cut quality," he says. “We also expect reductions in maintenance and utility costs,” he adds.

As a strong and passionate proponent of cardiovascular and brain fitness, NuStep is a partner of the International Council on Active Aging and a global partner of the Alzheimer’s Association’s The Longest Day.

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