New fiber laser technology has utility in cutting ultra-hard materials

Biatec Laser Technology's BLT F3 fiber laser for cutting ultra-hard materials will premiere at Lamiera 2016.

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Cost-efficient, fast laser cutting of ultra-hard materials are the main advantages of the latest technology from Biatec Laser Technology (Bratislava, Slovakia), a research and development company and a member of the Biatec Group, a holding company with many years of experience in creating major industrial units and setting up production processes. The BLT F3 fiber laser will premiere at Lamiera 2016, an international exhibition to be held in Bologna, Italy, on May 11-14, 2016.

The BLT F3 applies cutting-edge knowledge gained from researching industrial applications for laser technology. It was produced by an international team of developers at Biatec Laser Technology, working with partners from Switzerland, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

This unit, which is said to work 30 times faster than electrical discharge machines, can cut hard materials such as polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN), and hard metals at a speed of 60mm/min. It also cuts both conductive and nonconductive materials, and easily navigates through coarse-grained crystals greater than 40µm in size—which electrical discharge machines cannot do. It does this economically because of low energy consumption. Lastly, its footprint is four times smaller than a solid-state laser with a pulse lamp.

The useful life of laser equipment has been calculated as 10 years for 24 hours of daily operation.

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