Laser cutting ensures quality in textile duct systems

KE Fibertec AS develops, manufactures, and markets air distribution systems based on fiber technology.

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KE Fibertec AS (Vejen, Denmark) develops, manufactures, and markets air distribution systems based on fiber technology to create draft-free and uniform distribution of the ventilation air through tailored textile ducts. Air distribution systems are currently used in almost all applications that require a good indoor climate.

A textile duct is a round, semi-round, or quarter-round duct made of a lightweight textile material instead of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, designed for delivery and distribution of cooled or heated air. To ensure that the company's stringent quality requirements are met, all its textile materials are woven at its own weaving mill.

Air distribution systems used in laboratories.

For textile cutting, the company decided on the eurolaser L-3200 laser system that produces precise and filigree cutting of contours. In the case of plastics, the edges will be melted cutting edges so that the fibers do not fray. With laser processing, the smallest inner contours can be produced, which is not possible with conventional processing methods such as punching or knife cutting.

With the L-3200, the conveyor offers the opportunity to process textiles directly from the roll. Based on this customer's requirement, an individual table solution with separate collecting table was built by eurolaser. With the aid of a software, the individual contours that need to be cut are positioned onto the material and cut with little material loss. To label cut parts for further process steps in the production process and to optimize traceability, the system consists of a printer so parts that belong together can be labeled as a set for a smooth further processing. All in all, this results in a fully automated production solution.

An individual table solution with separate collecting table.

KE Fibertec was recently certified according to the new ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard (2015), according to Johnny Kusk Møller, production director at KE Fibertec.

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