Fiber laser cutting machine

MC Machinery Systems has introduced its 3015eXZ-F60 6kW fiber laser cutting machine.

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MC Machinery Systems (Wood Dale, IL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corp., has introduced its 3015eXZ-F60 6kW fiber laser cutting machine. Built on the same platform as the company's eX CO2 lasers, the machine's magnetic breakaway Zoom Cutting Head has the ability to adjust the focus between a 3.75 and 10in. focal length. It also can change the mode for the laser to cut thicker materials with CO2 edge quality finishes. The Zoom Head technology eliminates the need to exchange cartridges or clean or replace lenses.

An intelligent AC servo motor drives the head along the X, Y, and Z axes simultaneously in travel ranges up to 122 × 61 × 5.9in., respectively. The maximum workpiece weight is 2094 lbs. and installation dimensions are 504 × 203in. The company's High-Speed Control can adjust beam on/off timing in microsecond increments and includes a timing calculator that allows the machine to deliver fast rise time when the laser needs power. Motion Cut technology allows for simultaneous beam on/off time and axial movement.

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