Lectra launches breakthrough laser airbag cutting technology

Integrated technology solutions provider Lectra has unveiled a breakthrough airbag laser cutting technology dubbed FocusQuantum.

Integrated technology solutions provider Lectra (Paris, France) has unveiled a breakthrough airbag laser cutting technology dubbed FocusQuantum. With an aim to deliver the best-quality airbags to car manufacturers at the right price and time, the cutting-driven process makes zero-defect production possible.

FocusQuantum is a comprehensive airbag solution range that combines high-performance laser cutters for both one-piece woven (OPW) and flat airbags, a purpose-built software suite, and a full range of value-added professional services covering implementation, change management, and support to obtain excellence in operations inside the cutting room. The solution claims to provide more than twice the productivity provided by any other company in the market. It has been ergonomically designed to optimize material reloading and gathering of cut parts to attain greater operational efficiency.

The FocusQuantum solution also helps in eliminating errors throughout the process, from designing to cutting, by verifying geometric dimensions and scale factor before any airbag material is cut, and using intelligent wizards. The software suite of the system prevents unauthorized changes to approved commands and processes, and the potential defects are eliminated during the data analysis phase.

"The grave nature of recent airbag inflator problem demonstrates the vital role that airbag suppliers play in the automotive industry. They have no other choice than to produce zero-defect quality. At Lectra, we understand the pressure and challenges they face. This is why we have worked closely with leading suppliers to develop and deliver our next generation of airbag cutting solutions meeting the airbag industry's stringent standards. We know how important it is for suppliers to be able to count on a capable and reliable partner," says Daniel Harari, CEO of Lectra.

For more information, please visit www.lectra.com.

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