Control Micro Systems expands R&D capabilities

In response to growth, Control Micro Systems has expanded its applications R&D facilities and capabilities.

In response to growing joint venture opportunities with existing and prospective customers, Control Micro Systems (CMS; Orlando, FL) has expanded its applications R&D facilities and capabilities to include CO2 (10.64nm), 2µm thulium fiber (2.0nm), ytterbium fiber (1.06nm), frequency-doubled neodymium-doped yttrium orthovanadate (Nd:YVO4; 532nm), frequency-tripled Nd:YVO4 (355nm UV), and a new multi-wavelength femtosecond laser.

CMS, which supplies laser machine tools for marking, cutting, drilling, and welding applications, provides long-term dedicated R&D facilities, including R&D laboratories; assigned full-time onsite client employees; access to electrical, mechanical, and software engineering support; and complete machining center and fabrication capabilities.

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