Rofin celebrates 40th anniversary in Munich

Rofin, celebrating 40 years this year, is representative of the history and diversity of industrial laser material processing.

Hamburg/Munich, Germany - Rofin is representative of the history and diversity of industrial laser material processing. For 40 years, it has consistently developed new fields of applications with its innovative laser and process technologies, and is today one of the market leaders for state-of-the-art laser technology in the industrial material processing sector. The company will be celebrating its anniversary at this year's LASER World of Photonics, with new releases across the entire breadth of its extensive product portfolio.

Today, the company is the only vendor of CO2, diode, and fiber lasers, all in the multi-kilowatt range. From its third generation of high-power fiber lasers, Rofin will be debuting the 8kW model at LASER World of Photonics. This laser ideally covers the increasingly demanding market requirements for industrial welding and cutting. With its new fiber-coupled diode laser with 6kW of output power, the company now offers a laser source capable of coping with all the industrial challenges associated with industrial ultrafast lasers in hybrid master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) hardening, soldering, or cladding.

Rofin's newly developed ultrafast lasers, StarFemto (700fs, 20W) and StarPico (15ps, 50W), are the result of over a decade's experience in realizing industrial ultrafast laser solutions. Visitors to the trade fair will be able to see the company's patented SmartCleave FI glass cutting process in action with the StarPico.

Rofin will be presenting a 3D marking solution for freeform surfaces at LASER World of Photonics. This new marking software ensures a geometrically correct reproduction of the marking layout, even on curved or irregularly shaped surfaces, and also incorporates a 3D correction field. The company's new UV laser from its PowerLine Series, on the other hand, allows the marking of plastics and structuring on glass or ceramic surfaces at extremely fast processing speeds, such as those required for short-cycle industrial production processes.

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