LaserCoil receives order for laser coil cutter

LaserCoil Technologies has received an order for a LaserCoil coil-fed blanking system from a processor of flat-rolled metal.

New Boston, MI - LaserCoil Technologies has received an order for a LaserCoil coil-fed blanking system from SET Enterprises, a processor of flat-rolled metal primarily for the automotive industry. The 2100mm-wide dual-head system, featuring two 6kW lasers, is being installed at the company's New Boston facility, where SET processes blanks for the automotive industry.

"LaserCoil’s solutions give SET the ability to provide their customers with superior blank quality in all grades of advanced engineered materials," says Victor Edozien, chairman and CEO of SET. "This capability is critical in an increasingly dynamic automotive industry that is transitioning to support advanced high-strength steels and aluminum alloys. The capability and flexibility of LaserCoil's system, in combination with SET's operating experience, gives us the manufacturing agility and responsiveness to rapidly meet our customers' most complex metal processing needs.

"In addition to the advanced processing capabilities provided by the LaserCoil hardware, their control system and laser blanking operating system software allow us to maximize our blanking efficiency. Our lines will deliver solutions to our customers in a fraction of the time required by traditional blanking."

An additional benefit of the software programming capabilities is the ability to maximize raw material usage and reduce scrap. As automotive OEMs increase the use of aluminum and advanced high-strength steels, optimizing metal processing yields and reducing scrap is a critical consideration.

For more information on this approach to laser cutting of coil strip, the equipment, or processing of components at the LaserCoil facility, please visit

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