FLEXcon, laser cutter Spartanics to provide turnkey finishing solutions for labeling

Adhesive coating and laminating specialist FLEXcon has partnered with laser cutter Spartanics.

Spencer, MA - Adhesive coating and laminating specialist FLEXcon has partnered with laser cutter Spartanics (Rolling Meadows, IL) to provide complete and ready-to-operate solutions for label and parts finishing to printers, converters, and manufacturers.

Spartanics' Laser Cutting System is based on its sophisticated quality and depth control software, tuned to handle the complexities of laser cutting behind the scenes and ultimately making an operator’s job minimal. This allows manufacturers, printers, and converters worldwide to maximize profits by offering clients flexibility in real-world market situations, enabling them to seamlessly convert short- and long-run jobs while minimizing material waste and job turnover times.

“By partnering with Spartanics, we are able to provide turnkey solutions, allowing manufacturers, printers, and converters to reduce production time and therefore increase ROI,” says Ron Ducharme, product manager for product identification at FLEXcon.

Customers will now be able to leverage the joint expertise of Spartanics and FLEXcon for a full label printing or parts fabrication solution from the companies that have worked together to process-prove materials for applications in various industries, completing much of the qualification work for the manufacturer, printer, or converter. For example, foam, printed labels and other media have already been tested and approved by Spartanics, which allows users to simply download the process profile, creating a more seamless process, and allowing converters to easily sell labels or fabricated parts into the end-user market.

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