K & K Industries acquires Automated Metal Technologies

Laser cutting and metal forming job shop K & K Industries has acquired Automated Metal Technologies.

Bellingham, WA - K & K Industries, the largest laser cutting and metal forming job shop between Everett WA, and Vancouver, BC, Canada, has acquired Automated Metal Technologies (Redmond, WA) and can now better serve the Seattle laser cutting market with manufacturing facilities in both the North and South Puget Sound.

Through this acquisition, the company has added an additional 8500+ sq. ft. of manufacturing capacity, as well as new equipment and technology. Automated Metal Technologies specializes in expedited prototype manufacturing and follow-on production quantities in less than two weeks.

This new capability adds to the K & K Industries custom sheet metal fabrication processes that utilize laser punches; press brakes; hardware insertion machines; MIG, TIG, and spot welders; and a wide graining machine.

The K & K Industries lasers can cut up to a thickness of 1 in. for mild steel, 0.5 in. for stainless steel, and 0.25 in. for aluminum, resulting in minimum parts handling downstream of the cutting operations, while the addition of the extra shift optimizes usage.

K & K's Cincinnati Lasers employ rugged construction with fabricated plate steel frames that are twice as heavy as other types of laser cutting systems. The accuracy of its CNC lasers exceeds most metal cutting requirements and ensures unmatched part quality.

For more information, please contact shahrokh@kkindustries.com.

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