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Fiber laser sources

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The StarFibre range of compact and robust fiber laser sources from Rofin-Baasel UK (Daventry, Northankts, UK; are available with a power range of 100 to 200W. A combination of high beam quality, choice of power, and pulsed or CW operational mode selection means that the StarFibre series lasers can be used for a broad spectrum of precision welding applications. Performance characteristics are enhanced by the low inertia scanning head, which enables high welding speeds to be achieved over a large processing field. An optional camera and coaxial illumination system enables viewing of the weld area via the scanning head. The small spot size and low heat input enable these lasers to produce precision welds on components such as batteries, fuel cells, sensors, electro-mechanical components, and medical components.

Laser scribing system

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Vytek’s (Fitchburg, MA; ProtoScribe Laser Scribing System is intended for low to medium volume production of thin film photovoltaic (PV) panels. It generates scribes P1, P2, P3 plus edge deletion on panels as large as 60cm x 120cm. Protoscribe delivers a precise, shaped, stable laser spot that creates scribes with uniform depth and width, creates clean scribe edges, minimizes HAZ, eliminates hot spots that can damage underlying layers, and eliminates scalloping that can cause shunting.

Industrial excimer laser

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The IndyStar from Coherent (Santa Clara, CA; incorporates the RoHS- Almeta excimer tube design, which delivers several billion pulses at 193 and 248 nm. This new ArF laser produces stabilized energies of 8 mJ/pulse at 193 nm and 12 mJ at 248 nm operation, at repetition rates up to 1 kHz with a small beam cross-section. The Indy-Star is a next-generation replacement for the ExciStar S-Industrial excimer laser.

Portable fiber laser

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Model OFB-20 Ytterbium fiber laser system from GnW Laser (Stoneham, MA; is suited for marking, engraving, drilling, and micro-processing applications. It is designed for use either on a standalone workstation or it can be integrated into an existing production line. Features include a handheld operator control box and all-in-one compact control module that houses laser/scanhead control, power supplies, and external I/O.

2D/3D cutting system

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PRIMA North America’s (Chicopee, MA; next generation DOMINO laser cutting series reportedly has the highest axes speed available in its category with high acceleration on the X and Y axis for high-speed 2D/3D cutting. The system offers a new high-speed CNC control to provide enhanced graphics for easy, user-friendly programming, and a quick piercing function that reduces piercing time by more than 25%. For offline 3D programming, DOMINO is available with Cenit 3D software. The combined X-Y-Z axes speed is 5900in/min and provides a versatile, economical solution for both 2D and 3D cutting.

6000W laser cutting system

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The Bystar 6000 Watt laser cutting system from Bystronic (Hauggauge, NY; features a solid-state RF power supply with wear-free power generation components that reduce maintenance and repair costs. An optional rotary axis enables processing of tubes and profiles. For flat sheet processing, the series is offered in table sizes of 5 x 10 ft and 6 x 12 ft. The larger format Bystar L series can accommodate plate size widths of 8ft and lengths up to 39ft. Higher overall processing efficiency makes it possible to operate this laser cutting system with exceptionally low production costs for an excellent return on investment.

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