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compiled by Laureen Belleville,

Fiber laser marker

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Both the 10- and 20W versions of the LMF-2000 fiber laser marker from Miyachi Unitek (Monrovia, CA; are capable of Q-switch frequencies of from 2 to 500 KHz for maximum mark quality and speed. Features include a PC, touchscreen, standalone or pendant operation, intuitive and customizable marking interface, integrated rotary and XYZ motion, LAN connectivity, and an in-line camera option to view the mark and provide a non-intrusive code verification or read capability. In addition to the standard marking software, a number of software options are available to seamlessly integrate the marker into existing and legacy systems.

Cleanroom for hermetic sealing

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Litron’s (Agawam, MA; cleanroom is designed to deliver laser hermetically sealed components virtually free of impurities, corrosive moisture, and damaging electrostatic discharge. The glovebox units are housed in a 3000-square-foot Class 100,000 cleanroom. This adds an important new level of protection for manufacturers providing electronics, fiberoptics, or microwave technology for cockpits, defense systems, satellites, and other critical components.

Laser marking system

The newest generation LaserTab from Lasit USA (Branford, CT; is a compact fiber laser marking system with a motorized Z axis with 15 3/4 inch travel. The fully enclosed Class One system comes with a fiber laser, galvanometer scan head, computer, and FlyX and FlyCad software that supports both vector and raster engraving of graphics, logos, alphanumerics, barcodes, 2D data matrix, and serialized numbers of plastics and metals. The software also includes diagnostic capability for remote troubleshooting. A low-voltage power source with increased power efficiency up to 50 percent reduces operating costs.

Marking medical devices

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The SpeedMarker Fiber Laser from Trotec Laser (Ypsilanti, MI; is a compact, galvanometer-based fiber laser system designed to support industrial product marking for medical devices and implants, as well as a full range of other industrial applications. According to the company, the system’s laser ensures highest accuracy, reliability, performance, and longevity, featuring superior beam quality with speeds up to 1000 characters/s. It supports marking on the fly for moving parts and integrates seamlessly into existing assembly lines or can be used as a standalone solution.

Ultrafast lasers

The Femtosource scientific XL 500 is the flagship of a new family of high-power ultrafast laser systems from Femtolasers Produktions (Vienna, Austria; An output energy level exceeding 0.5 μJ and a pulse duration of less than 50 fs in combination with a repetition rate of greater than 5 MHz yields an average power level of >2.5 W and >10 MW of peak power. The temperature-stabilized laser head dimensions are 1240 x 540 x 208 mm. Applications include materials processing, THz generation, spectroscopy, and many others in the scientific environment.

Active fibers

New fibers from Nufern (East Granby, CT; include an Erbium/Ytterbium co-doped (PM-EYDF-17/200) and Ytterbium-doped large mode area (LMA) fibers (PLMA-YDF-10/125 and PLMA-YDF-25/400). All three fibers are polarization maintaining (PM), double-clad fibers and are complemented by the availability of matched passive fibers for component and pigtail development. The launch also incnludes a non-PM variant, LMA-YDF-10/130.

Laser mirrors

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Laser Research Optics (Providence, RI; announces a line of durable, molybdenum CO2 laser mirrors that offer better thermal stability than silicon and can withstand harsh industrial environments. According to the company, these mirrors achieve >98.1% average reflectance at 10.6 μm at 45° AOI, with <1.9% absorption and scatter, and have no coatings that can degrade in harsh industrial environments. They are ideal for high-power lasers used in engraving, marking, welding, cutting, and drilling applications.

Micromachining laser

The Rofin-Baasel (Daventry, Northants, UK; X-Lase is an ultrashort (10–30 micron) pulsed fiber laser. The high average power of up to 24 watts is achieved using an adjustable pulse frequency of between 1 to 4 MHz, making this laser an appropriate tool for micro-materials processing applications. The ultrashort laser pulses combined with high beam quality enables heat-sensitive materials and densely populated devices to be successfully processed. The technique significantly reduces the heat affected zone and shock affected zone on the component therefore eliminating the main sources of quality problems.

Industrial excimer laser

According to Coherent (Santa Clara, CA;, the new IndyStar delivers the longest tube lifetime of any compact industrial excimer laser, providing increased reliability and lower overall cost of ownership. The laser incorporates the company’s newest excimer tube design, the RoHS-Almeta, which delivers several billion pulses at 193 and 248 nm. Target applications are in precision manufacturing and inspection, where its high repetition rate and stablized, low-noise output are key requirements. Application examples include photomask inspection and inkjet nozzle drilling.

Laser engine chips

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Intense Ltd. (Scotland, UK; has announced the Power Core 808 family of very high brightness, single-emitter laser engine chips that are customizable to a wide variety of optics applications. The compact design combines a small emitting aperture with low beam divergence to produce very high brightness in a small, simple-to-integrate, chip-level device. Reportedly, it is easily packaged into a variety of enclosures, including C-mount, and fiber-coupled MPF and HHL. The product delivers up to 4W of output power at 808 nm. It is designed for use in industrial and coding applications, such as pumping and sensor-based instrumentation.

Photovoltaic motion solution

The SolarScribe family of highly integrated electromechanical automation systems from Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA; directly address the needs of the growing photovoltaic/solar panel scribing market. They have been configured for maximum flexibility by offering both air- and mechanical-bearing options as well as split axis and gantry configurations. The system includes a number of design options such as multi-head scan axes, Z and theta correction axes, and machine base/isolation systems. The SolarScribe is coupled to the company’s advanced Automation 3200 control system, which is a 100% digital system with high-performance FireWire networked drives.

Laser base

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The Industrial Excimer Laser Base from J P Sercel Associates (Manchester, NH; is an integrated, self-contained industrial laser base, gas handling, and utility system. For example, the laser can be shipped and set up without expensive plant gas and ventilation system installations. Also, a single ventilatd enclosure reduces the total exhaust volulme for improved heating and cooling costs; this further improves safety because all the gases from the supply and the laser are in the same location. Additionally, the laser can be transported away from a process location for repairs or maintenance wth little downtime for high duty cycle applications where time is money. The integrated module can accommodate the excimer laser, the gas handling system, power supply, vacuum pump, gas bottles, and more.

Marking/engraving laser

A member of the firestar v-series of lasers from Synrad (Mukilteo, WA;, the firestar v30 is available as an OEM, air-cooled model. Based on waveguide design, the resonator technology produces a circular beam (typically M² <1.1) in both the near and far field. This near-perfect beam can be focused to the smallest achievable spot size, thereby creating the maximum possible power density on a work surface. This results in faster processing speeds and higher resolution for most applications.

Stencil cutter

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New from LPKF (Tualatin, OR;, the StencilLaser G6080 is a fully enclosed laser cutting system for SMT stencils. The system features a complete new architecture and light-weight construction using high-strength carbon fiber material. The system automatically adjusts to fit any stencil size up to 29.1 x 37.4 inches, allowing large stencils to be processed. A new loading routine shortens changeover time for loose foils and framed stencils. Engineered with a Class I laser safety rating, the laser can cut with both compressed air and oxygen and features touch screen user interface with an easy-to-learn multi-level operation software.

Water-cooled diode laser arrays

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A new series of high-power, water-cooled diode laser arrays from Dilas (Tucson, AZ; are used in scaleable stack designs that deliver up to 80 W CW per bar at standard wavelengths of 808 nm, 940 nm, and 980 nm for industrial applications. The stack designs are available up to 12 bars horizontally side-by-side or vertically stacked with up to 70 diode laser bars. Tested under CW and on/off operating conditions, these products reportedly offer superior lifetime characteristics, high reliability (assuring highest productivity), and lower total cost of ownership.

Fine cutting laser

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Rofin’s (Daventry, Northants, UK; StarCut Universal system integrates everything required for fine cutting applications into a standard machine. A large work envelope of 600mm x 300mm x 200mm combined with three high-precision CNC axes provides flexibility and 50μm precision for fine laser cutting operations. Additional capability can be achieved by the use of an optional rotary axis enabling complex 3D geometries to be produced within the system. Options include the StarCut 18, which has a power range of 7 to 25 W and achieves kerf widths of 18 to 20 microns. Additional laser options include the new StarCut 12fm, a 12W fundamental mode laser, which, because of its unique pulse characteristics, can cut material up to 1.0mm thick in fine tube or plate, and a kerf width of 15 microns is possible.

Large-core multimode optical fibers

As the official distributor of Fiberguide Industries in Europe, AMS Technologies (Munich, Germany; introduces a line of large-core multimode optical fibers. The product line features hard plastic clad standard silica core fibers with a numerical aperture of 0.39 and hard plastic clad low hydroxyl silica core fibers with a numerical aperture of 0.22 and attenuation of 3.5dB/km at 800nm and 8.6dB/km at 1060 nm, respectively.

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