DILAS Industrial Laser Systems (Mainz, Germany; has introduced a galvo scanner with integrated pyrometer to be used...

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Galvo scanner with integrated pyrometers

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DILAS Industrial Laser Systems (Mainz, Germany; has introduced a galvo scanner with integrated pyrometer to be used along with the COMPACT Series product line, a fiber-coupled, turnkey diode laser system with output powers up to 500W. The galvo scanner/pyrometer combination offers progress in the field of quasi-simultaneous plastics welding. With the on-axis single color pyrometer, the temperature of the welding zone can be optically measured during the scanning process, thus allowing a closed-loop temperature control for the production process. The supporting software provides complete process data documentation for quality control. The galvo scanner is available with apertures of 20mm or 30mm (Ø) in combination with 400µm (or 200µm) fibers and F-Theta optics keeping the beam spot focused. The beam diameter is 2.8mm (or 1.4mm) in a 140 x 140mm2 field.

Laser cutting system

LVD Strippit (Akron, NY; has introduced the Axel 4020 to its line of high-performance Axel laser cutting systems. The Axel 4020 provides advanced laser cutting capabilities and dynamic part processing and is able to handle sheets up to 157 in. x 78 in. This laser cutting machine incorporates the most recent advancements in linear drive technology, laser power, and control systems to provide superior cutting capabilities, high flexibility, and ease of use. The Axel 4020 offers maximum performance when processing thin sheets and thick materials. The high-pressure (clean cut) cutting head can hold a 5in., 7.5in., or 10in. cutting lens. The head is equipped with a safety system that protects it from collision with the workpiece.

Multimode laser diodes

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RPMC Lasers (O'Fallon, MO; offers the newest members of the LDX family of multi-mode laser diodes at 1120nm, 1460nm, and 1550nm. These high-power single-emitter devices produce output powers of 3 or 6 W from a 95µm emitter at 1460nm and 1550nm. Output powers are 1.2, 2.5, and 4.0W for the 1120nm single-emitter devices. The standard package is the C-mount. Other packages available include the TO-3, standard HHL, and fiber coupled packages. Such lasers are targeted to industrial applications, like plastic welding and fiber amplifier pumping, medical applications, and military applications requiring the eye-safe spectral region.

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