Laser cutter improves storage product quality

Arcom's principal activity is the production of welded, light metal constructions.

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RZEZAWA, POLAND - Arcom's principal activity is the production of welded, light metal constructions. Established in 1996, the company specializes in producing storage systems such as pallets, racking, boxes, and metal baskets for storage, and transports of all kinds of goods. They also produce riot barriers, platforms, frames, trusses/crates, and many different elements for building companies.

A highly qualified staff, using high-technology machinery (CNC machines, laser cutting, and robotic welding stations) and their own design office, guarantees reliable products. Arcom places great importance on environmental protection by using renewable energy sources.

The company is one of Europe's leading high-volume, repetitive producers of storage systems for the tire industry, offering many different solutions that are highly praised in the automotive and logistics companies. Production is carried out at the factory in Poland, which guarantees both quality and delivery time all over Europe. More than 95% of the company's production is exported to nearly 40 countries on five continents.

In March 2016, they installed a new laser cutting system from Power-Tech (Walcz, Poland)—the Eagle iNspire 1530 with fiber laser output power of 6kW (FIGURE). The laser cutting system includes a fully automatic loading and unloading system that connects the laser cutting machine and storage system. Also installed was a fully automatic storage tower, which integrates with the laser cutter and load/unload system.

In March 2016, storage system producer Arcom installed an Eagle iNspire 1530 with fiber laser output power of 6kW from Power-Tech, allowing Arcom to increase production capacity and improve the quality of their products.

Power-Tech, founded in 2006, produces the Eagle laser systems, which are divided into two series: iNspire and eVision. The iNspire cutting machine is extremely precise and dedicated to demanding mass production using a fiber laser source and dynamic linear motors, in all axes, on a polymer concrete body with a traverse manufactured from carbon fiber. These ergonomics are achieved in a compact system structure that allows for a 30% decrease in their floor space requirements. The standard equipment of the cutting head consists of automatic focusing and automatic regulation of the beam focus diameter. The latest programming methods allow for efficient operation.

The iNspire cutting machines achieve cutting speeds of up to 150m/min and acceleration of nearly 6G, guaranteeing the best quality, precision, and cutting efficiency. The laser source, chiller, control cabinet, and pneumatic system are integrated into one machine housing, so it is possible to install the laser system in any location on a shop floor.

With the laser system, Arcom is able to increase production capacity and also significantly improve the quality of their products. Most importantly, for their customers, the laser cutter gives them 100% repeatability of production and great power of customization for their individual needs.

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