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Industrial Nd:YAG laser
Model Q-DP50-355QS-MM is a frequency-tripled Nd:YAG UV (355nm) laser from Quantronix (East Setauket, NY). It provides more than 5W of average power at 6kHz pulse repetition rate. This laser system incorporates a patented intracavity harmonic generation technique that withstands high energy densities, enabling the laser to provide years of reliable operation in tough industrial environments. The side pumping design distributes the pumping light more uniformly around the rod to produce even energy distribution and high power output. According to the manufacturer, the symmetrical beam shape provides ideal laser process characteristics in many marking, engraving and micromachining applications. The linewidth stays the same throughout the process area, in any direction and in any angle.
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Laser amplifier
The Hurricane i is an industrial version of Spectra-Physics' (Mountain View, CA) one-box, all solid-state ultrafast laser amplifier. This ruggedized laser has been developed to support the growing industrial and OEM market for amplified ultrafast pulses. It delivers up to 1.25 watts of near-infrared output, with a pulse duration of less than 130 femtoseconds and a repetition rate of 1 to 5 kHz. The one-box laser head comprises four separate, self-contained modules: the oscillator, regenerative amplifier, amplifier pump laser and stretcher/compressor unit. According to the company, the combination of state-of-the-art subsystems and components delivers unprecedented beam pointing and power stability, as well as long-term reliability. The modular approach also simplifies field service.
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Tech support
In its continuous program to provide 24/7 support of customers requiring laser beam steering solutions, GSI Lumonics Component Products Group (Billerica, MA) has introduced the "Technical Support" page. The web page includes information for optical scanning components (single axis) and GMAX (two and three axis) products.
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Storage System
The optional FlexiSpace of the MegaLift Module (MLM) from MegaStar Systems (Marietta, OH) automatically stores items of varying heights for optimum flexibility and the most efficient use of storage space in metalworking applications. The product is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays, an ergonomically designed extraction platform and computerized controls. The FlexiSpace feature consists of a height sensor photo array that automatically tracks the height of the items stored in each tray in the unit. As each tray's height requirement changes, FlexiSpace finds the best positioning for each tray to maximize storage space.
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A compact, single-point, non-contact industrial gauging sensor for high-speed applications in the automotive industry is available from LMI Selcom (Southfield, MI). The Class II SLS5000 sensors have a totally integrated sensor within the head and a built-in processor for data averaging and filtering. A dynamic laser feedback loop allows accurate measurement without regard to speed, ambient light changes, color, temperature of material or general plant environmental conditions. Other features include a high-speed resolution of from ±0.0006 in. to ±0.00320 in. of the measurement range; a data sampling rate of 16 kHz; a bandwidth of 2 kHz and a stand-off distance of up to 15.75 inches. Measurement range is from 0.24 in. to 12.8 in.
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Filter system
A plasma and laser cutter filter system from Kice Industries Inc. (Wichita, KS) provides source-capacity efficiency at a fraction of the cost of typical filter systems, according to the company. A "zipper duct" design enables the filter head to move with the cutter head, pulling polluted air directly from the cutter. The filter system requires up to 90 percent less cfm, a smaller filter and a power source as little as 5 hp. Its fan may be located inside or outside the plant, and its simple design uses no dampers and no moving parts for reduced maintenance and long life.
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Laser trim system
The Autolaser 2000 Series of high-speed, low-cost Nd:YAG laser resistor trim systems from U.S. Laser Corp. (Wyckoff, NJ) are available with either lamp-pumped or diode-pumped lasers. High-speed galvanometer beam steering is designed for fast, accurate cuts. A step-and-repeat handler/prober is available in a range of sizes up to 16 x 16 inches to enable system customization for specific applications. Other features include CCTV magnified viewing of work area and system control via a Pentium PC and versatile menu-driven trim software.
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Alignment kit
The latest Machinery Alignment Kit from Pinpoint Laser Systems (Newburyport, MA) can be used for aligning equipment, checking machine tools and general factory alignment. It measures straightness, flatness, parallelism, squareness and leveling to a precision of 0.001 inch. Pricing for the kit starts at $5300. A sturdy carrying case contains a laser transmitter that projects a laser reference beam over a working distance of 80 feet. A compact digital receiver is placed into the laser path and displays a precise reading of the detector height relative to the laser beam.
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Laser cell
A flexible laser/notching cell for producing motor stators and rotors, the automated Laser Notchmaster cell from Schuler Inc. (Canton, MI) is intended for small to medium size production runs, frequent model changes and R&D or prototyping activities. The unit's 2.5-kW CO2 laser has an adjustable cutting head and yields precise cuts for any inner or outer blank contour. A specially developed polar axis arrangement ensures a high level of precision for concentric shaft holes and outer contour cutting.
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Solid-state laser
The Verdi-V6, from Coherent Inc. (Santa Clara, CA), is a solid-state, CW, high-power 532-nm laser pumped by a single diode module. The laser features a low optical noise design and achieves 6W of single-frequency output at 523 nm with a single pump diode. The design includes a highly efficient optical resonator design, a cooled and temperature-stabilized gain medium and the company's field-replaceable aluminum-free active-area pump diode technology. This product also features automatic self-optimization routines, which ensure that peak efficiency of the laser is maintained throughout its operating life.
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6-axis rotary laser
Mazak's (Schaumburg, IL) FG-300 multi-axis rotary laser system automatically loads, feeds, 3D laser cuts and unloads mill-length pipe and structural up to 11.8 inches in diameter. The system offers unattended fabrication of round, square, rectangular and triangular pipe as well as I and H beams, C channel and angle iron. A 64-bit NC simultaneously controls the compact 3D cutting head and auto-fixturing rotary chuck, enabling the system to laser cut—in one operation—precise angle cuts, weld-prep bevels and advanced contours such as saddle joint cuts. Users have a choice of four resonators, from 1500 to 4000 watts.
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Modular framing system
Series 40 aluminum profile system is the most extensive framing system from mk Automation Inc. (Bloomfield, CT). The base section is 40 mm X 40 mm with increases in increments of 40 mm. There are more than 90 different cross-sections to choose from along with a wide selection of connector accessories, including corner blocks, universal angle brackets, hinges, base plates, gussets and more.
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Machine vision system
The ICS 100 intelligent camera sensor from Sick Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) is easy to operate and can be integrated quickly and easily into any application without special image processing knowledge. The IP 64 housing and homogenous integrated illumination and lens make it easy to mount in small and even hostile factory environments. A CMOS sensor enables inspection of very glossy objects without glaring or blooming, and a processing speed of 2.5 ms makes fast-moving applications possible. The ICS 100 is equipped with various algorithms, including pixel sum, minimum pixel sum, multi-area evaluation and shape check to be sure that one will work for any application need.
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Heat exchangers
Lytron (Woburn, MA) announced that 90-degree bends on the inlet/outlet tubes are a standard option on the 4000 and Aspen stainless-steel heat exchangers. The minimum order quantity is 25 pieces. Twenty-four different orientations are offered and drawings showing the bend and tube length are located on the company's website The stainless-steel heat exchangers are used with deionized water and other corrosive liquids that react with copper.
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Device adjustment laser
The TrimSmart LT1100 laser trim system from GSI Lumonics Inc. (Wilmington, MA) is intended for use in SMEMA-compatible PCB production lines. The system provides real-time adjustment andtest of resistors, capacitors and inductors on RF modules, VCOs and other hybrid circuits in an automated, in-line SMT production environment. While comparing output to required specifications, the system trims resistors, capacitors and inductors with a precise laser beam to conform the circuits to the exact output value required.
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Scan head
The hurrySCAN 25 from Scanlab AG (Puchheim, Germany) is a compact scan head with 25 mm aperture. According to the company, an innovative temperature management system based on direct air cooling of the mirrors and water cooling of the entrance aperture, electronics and galvanometers ensures reliable operation, even in conjunction with high-power lasers. A receptacle integrated at the dust-proof housing's beam entrance offers possibilities for mounting fiber-optic outputs, focusing lenses and more.
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