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Th 95699
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Laser cutting machine
The PlateLaser-II from W. A. Whitney (Rockford, IL) is a larger, more flexible laser cutting machine for fabricators cutting thick to thin material. A 10- x 20-foot flying optic system is standard, with optional 10- x 40-foot and 13- x 40-foot systems available. The increased size enables several shuttle table capacity options. Standard is 7200 pounds capacity, with options of 10,000 pounds, 20,000 pounds and 24,000 pounds. Stainless steel and mild steel from 1 1/4-inch down to 22 gauge and aluminum from 1/2-inch down to 22 gauge is laser cut with speed and accuracy. The rapid pierce and pierce on the fly capabilities begin the cutting process sooner with significantly less head and virtually no "crater eruption." Other features include direct drive linear motors, 7.5- and 12.5-inch focal length lens, independently programmable focal height and standoff, quick-change lens holders, automatic scrap removal and Intelligent Laser Control with a Material Parameter Library for easy cutting of various material types and thickness.
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Interface boards
With new interface cards from CyberResearch Inc. (Branford, CT) users can add front or rear PCMCIA ports to any PC that has a PCI or ISA slot available. PM series interfaces enable users to prototype data-acquisition and motion-control systems on the desktop then move them to the field using the same PCMCIA cards already tested. The PM 235P unit offers a Type II and a Type III PCMCIA port but communicates via ISA. A third unit combines one Type III PCMCIA port with a 1.44MB floppy drive. It communicates via PCI. For rear access, a fourth unit lets users mount PCMCIA cards directly on a PCI card, without a 3.5-inch drive bay.
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Unitized Noise-Tamer enclosures from Tamer Industries Inc. (Somerset, MA) are designed to eliminate on-site assembly time and costs. The enclosures are fabricated from a variety of welded component materials, including galvanized, aluminum and steel, up to six-inch-thick acoustic walls. Several enclosure access options are available, including hinged, sliding or bi-fold doors as well as a removable roof. Other options include lighting, ventilation systems and interior wall linings. Unitized enclosures are fabricated for indoor or outdoor applications.
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Flatness measuring kit
Microgage Flatness Kit from Pinpoint Laser Systems (Newburyport, MA) is suited for checking machine beds, fixtures, runout on moving tables and slides and many other industrial alignment applications. The kit consists of a laser transmitter that is mounted onto a precision turntable. The turntable allows the laser beam to rotate and define a plane of light that is flat to within 0.001 inch over a range of 20 feet. A digital receiver, mounted on a base, can be moved around to various locations and provides a height reading relative to the flat plane of projected laser light. The kit provides all the fixtures and mounts along with computer interface software for gathering readings and exporting them to spreadsheets. Kits range in price from $3500 to $7000.
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High-performance Nd:YAG laser
The Tempest 300 Nd:YAG laser from New Wave Research (Fremont, CA) features a 10Hz repetition rate and provides optical output power of 300 mJ at 1064 nm and 180 mJ at 532 nm. The laser head measures 15 x 7 x 3.5 inches and weighs 15 pounds. The system comes with a compact power supply that can be positioned up to eight feet away from the laser head. The control panel provides remote operation of all laser functions and can be positioned up to 10 feet away from the power supply. The unit operates on single-phase 110 or 220 VAC and incorporates an internal, closed-loop cooling system.
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Laser mirrors
New from Edmund Industrial Optics (Barrington, NJ), Tech Spec mirrors are designed for use with high-power 1064- and 532-nm lasers. The dielectric coatings on these fused silica mirrors offer reflectivity of more than 99.8 percent and damage thresholds of 20 J/cm2 in a 20-ns-long pulse at their design wavelength. The mirrors are ideal for high-power beam-steering applications and are polarization independent when used in the appropriate wavelength range. Available in September, the company will offer 488nm (Argon Ion) and 675-1100nm (Ti:Sapphire) Tech Spec laser mirrors. All mirrors have a scratch/dig quality of 10-5 and a surface accuracy of 1/10th wave at 632 nm.
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Cooling system
Lytron (Woburn, MA) introduces five 19-inch rack-mountable cooling systems. Compatible with standard 19-inch rackmount systems, these units provide up to 2100Ωof cooling capacity. Systems are available with copper, stainless steel and aluminum heat exchangers and are compatible with a variety of cooling fluids, including water, deionized water, EGW and oil. Three different cooling capacities—500, 1300 and 2100 W—are available with a variety of electrical and pump options to customize the system.
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Air-cooled recirculator
The Model 3370 low-cost liquid-to-air recirculator from PolyScience (Niles, IL) is an effective method for cooling when precise temperature control is not a requirement, and it offers significant cost savings over recirculators with mechanical refrigeration. With a flip of the switch, the positive displacement pump circulates fluid to the equipment, into a reservoir and through a fan-cooled radiator, removing heat. The compact design saves space and a built-in low-liquid-level indicator safeguards the reservoir and pumping system.
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Medium-power lasers
The new Navigator I from Spectra-Physics (Mountain View, CA) produces more than 600 mW (at a 20 kHz repetition rate) at 266 nm, and the Navigator II provides more than 1.5Ω(at 20 kHz) at 266 nm. Typical applications include glass marking, microvia drilling, micromachining, wire marking and fiber Bragg grating writing. The frequency conversion process used to achieve deep UV output is performed in a sealed module that utilizes automated tuning of its harmonic crystal for extended lifetime. These harmonic modules are pre-aligned and mate to the laser using locating pins. Thus, they can be rapidly interchanged in the field without optical realignment. Modules for output at other wavelengths (532 nm and 355 nm) can be installed without any realignment.
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Laser work center
The Finn-Power FPL-6 from Finn-Power International Inc. (Schaumburg, IL) uses innovative linear drive motor technology to enable maximum speeds. The system will process sheets up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm and enhances laser cutting for various material thicknesses and material types, including mild steel up to 20 mm, stainless steel up to 12 mm and aluminum up to 8 mm. This flying optics/moving beam system has a working area of 3000mm X axis, 1500mm Y axis and 100 mm Z axis. Maximum positioning speed X/Y axis simultaneous is up to 300 m/min. Maximum workpiece weight is 800 kg and repeat tolerance of 0.0001 (± 0.025 mm) with contour cutting speed up to 20 m/min with nitrogen assist gas in 1mm mild steel.
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Excimer lithography laser
Lambda Physik (Göttingen, Germany) has reached remarkable performance with its NovaLine F2020 F2 excimer lithography lasers. The laser discharge unit has shown an average lifetime of more than five billion pulses and the optical modules of the laser resonator, employed for the line selection of the laser, have demonstrated a lifetime of more than 20 billion laser pulses. According to the company, the lasers are meeting all specifications, operating at a repetition rate of 2 kHz and an output power of 16 W, 20W depending on the test conditions. Degradation of the optical materials in these 157nm lasers is found to be less than at the 193nm wavelength.
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