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Multi-axis rotary laser

Th 110958
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The FG-150, six-axis, 3D rotary laser cutting system from Mazak Nissho Iwai (Schaumburg, IL) automatically loads, feeds, laser cuts and unloads materials. The system offers unattended fabrication of round, square, rectangular and triangular pipe as well as I and H beams, C channel and angle iron. A 64-bit NC simultaneously controls the compact 3D cutting head and auto-fixturing rotary chuck, enabling the system to laser cut-in one operation-precise anble cuts, weld-prep bevels and advanced contours such as saddle joint cuts. A choice of three resonators, from 1500 to 4000 watts, enables fabricators to choose the power most efficient for their business.

The FGCAM software incorporates illustrated fill-in-the-blank screens to generate NC code, performs dynamic nesting and has more than 70 pre-programmed cut conditions. Fabricators also can control cuts and save frequently used cut condition set-ups.
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Fiber-optic bundles

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High-quality fiber-optic bundles and assemblies from CeramOptec (East Longmeadow, MA) can be made with numerical apertures (NAs) from 0.12 to 0.53 and with any fiber, including silica/silica Optran UV and WF, plastic-clad silica Optran PUV and PWF and hard polymer-clad silica Optran HUV and HWF. The bundles can be used for wavelengths ranging from 160 to 2500 nm for applications such as laser welding/soldering, marking and Raman scattering. Also available are soft glass bundles that feature NAs from 0.55 to 0.66 and performance from 450 to 1600 nm.
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Measuring and alignment system

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Intended for precision measuring and machine alignment, the Microgage 2D from Pinpoint Laser Systems (Newburyport, MA) delivers a precision of 0.001 inch. Reportedly, it can be used for measuring in two axial directions at the same time, even when the distance between the laser and the receiver varies by 70 feet or more. The product consists of a laser transmitter that projects a beam of visible laser light and a compact, square receiver that is moved to various measuring areas and captures the laser light for the measurement.
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Diode-pumped laser modules

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The three standard modules in Laser SOS Ltd.'s (Clinton, MA) line of diode-pumped YAG laser modules produce from 10 to 75 watts of CW power at 1064 nm. According to the company, a unique side-pumped-diode architecture provides superior beam brightness and beam pointing stability.
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Recirculating chiller

Lytron Inc. (Woburn, MA) has improved features of its Kodiak recirculating chillers. The product's temperature stability is typically ±0.5 degrees Celsius, an average of 33 percent improvement, and the temperature stabilization time has been reduced five-fold, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, the response to a setpoint change is immediate. The company reports that the improvements result from changes to its proprietary Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller software.
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The Uvex Genesis "Patriot" eyewear from Bacou-Dalloz (Smithfield, RI) features red, white and blue styling and an imprint of the American flag. The front (brow piece) is translucent red; the temples are translucent blue and the joint is white. The bottom of the right lens (as worn and out of the field of vision) is inscribed with the words "United We Stand."
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Measurement system

The automated MicroLine 600 non-contact measurement system from Micro-Metric Inc. (San Jose, CA) provides depth and linewidth measurement for semiconductor wafers. It measures linewidths of 0.5 microns–.40 microns at 100x and 10 microns–800 microns at 5x. A hand-lapped X-Y stage with laser interferometer positional feedback provides better than 0.5-micron stage positional accuracy per four inches of travel. Line measurement repeatability is 2 nm. The product features a granite base and bridge with air-bearing Z axis. A confocal microscope provides precise focus detection for depth measurement repeatability of better than 20 nm.
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Sealed CO2 laser system

Northwoods Laser Consulting (Phelps, WI) has introduced a turnkey system for system integrators and medical manufacturers to produce their own sealed CO2 lasers. Based on 12 years of development, the system operates on 110 volts AC and comes with all the necessary hardware to manufacture DC-excited laser tubes. Included with the system is a set of CAD drawings for tube components, a vendor list and detailed operation instructions. The CAD drawings include prints for tubes ranging in power from 10 watts to 200 watts polarized and non-polarized system. Full training is provided as part of the cost of the unit.
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Linear guide

New from Schneeberger Inc. (Bedford, MA), the Monorail BZ 35 connects highly accurate toothed gear segments creating a unified linear guide and rack that is ready for installation with a pinion drive. According to the company, the design allows for a high degree of accuracy in processing and positioning at high speeds and high accelerations as well as longer service life. Low friction and low stroke pulsation are achieved due to the optimized corner and bedding-down geometry. Additionally, a high degree of rigidity and large static and dynamic load-bearing capacity are achieved because of the four rows of ball bearings, a two-point contact and an o-shaped geometry with a trapezoidal track profile.
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Enhanced interface

The Ophir Optronics Inc. (Danvers, MA) "Smart Head to USB Interface," which turns a Windows-based PC or laptop into a full-fledged Ophir multi-channel laser power/energy meter, now supports all Ophir laser power/energy heads, including pyroelectric pulsed energy heads. The product comes with ActiveX software.
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The 2002–2003 Economic Handbook of the Machine Tool Industry is available from AMT—The Association For Manufacturing Technology (McLean, VA). The handbook offers information on the domestic and world machine tool industries, the national and world economies (covering such areas as employment, machine tool shipments, machine tools in use and the financial condition of the industry).
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Scribing system

The AccuScribe-SS20 laser-based sapphire wafer scribing system from New Wave Research (Fremont, CA) produces clean, consistent scribe lines and features uniform depth control, resulting in a superior yield for LED manufacturers. The system processes 350- × 350-micron dies on 50mm wafers at a rate of 40 minutes per wafer. Channel depth is 30 microns and channel width is less than or equal to 12 microns. According to the company, over a run of 500 wafers, the system maintains a channel width of ±1 micron and a channel depth of +3/–0 microns.
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Linear positioning module

Linear positioning modules for accurate measurement adjustment and positioning applications are available from mk Automation (Bloomfield, CT). Typically used in material handling, factory automation and gauging systems for metal fabrication, these standard modules can be used singly, in pairs or multiple installations to suit the application. The units are offered with hand wheel or motor driven movement. Scale systems are either metric or English notation for fast and accurate settings.
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High efficiency heat exchanger

Cooling of lasers, and other applications, is more efficient using the 720 Series of liquid-to-air, copper fin-and-tube heat exchanges from Thermatron Engineering, Inc. (Methuen, MA). The Model 720 for example can dissipate 330 watts for every one degree C difference between water and air entering the unit. Copper tubing and circuitry are silver brazed for strength and reliability. The company's efficient heat transfer design, riffled and corrugated fins, provides as much as 5% more heat transfer than other manufacturers flat fin designs.
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