Utah laser cutting shop shortens lead times

OSH Cut was founded to improve the quoting and ordering process for custom laser cutting of metals.

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OREM, UT – Caleb Chamberlain and his brothers, all engineers, founded OSH Cut to improve the quoting and ordering process for custom laser cutting of metals.

Chamberlain says, “Our designs regularly required laser-cut parts, and we were frustrated by the fact that it often takes days just to quote new designs—to say nothing about having them cut! Sometimes, shops wouldn’t even reply to quote requests. Today, the laser cutting industry is characterized by long quote delays, unpredictable pricing, and long lead times. At OSH Cut, we intend to fix this problem. Our goal is to transform the laser cutting industry by offering instant online quoting and ordering, short lead times, and disruptive pricing on low-quantity orders. To that end, we’ve acquired a new 3 kW TRUMPF 1030 fiber laser (FIGURE) and are ready to start cutting!”

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The TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 fiber laser cutting machine installed at OSH Cut.

OSH Cut manufactures laser-cut sheet metal parts. The company’s online quoting and ordering software works to improve industry-standard quoting and production practices that have, so far, failed to evolve with modern tools. Usually, the lead time to obtain a quote for custom laser-cut parts is measured in days, and manufacturing lead times are measured in weeks. This long turnaround time can have a significant impact on time-to-market for new products, especially considering the speed at which new designs can be produced with modern CAD tools. Traditional quoting and ordering processes for laser-cut parts represent a significant prototyping bottleneck.

The company solves these problems using custom software that provides:

  • Instant online quoting for customers’ metal parts and manufacturability analysis of submitted parts;

  • An online shopping cart for purchase of custom parts;

  • Competitive pricing and lead times for low- to mid-volume orders; and

  • Back-end systems that allow for efficient production and shipment of many orders a day

The company targets businesses, engineers, hobbyists, and others who need quality metal parts cut from metals in thicknesses up to three quarters of an inch. Supported materials include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.

For more information, please visit www.oshcut.com.

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