Compiled by Laureen Belleville,

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Compiled by Laureen Belleville,

Diamond cutter

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The Quazer laser sawing, cutting, and shaping product for the diamond industry, from Sarin Technologies (Tel Aviv, Israel; is based on proprietary technology and the latest in green laser technology. According to the company, the use of a green laser as opposed to the traditional red lasers used in the industry ensures, among other things, minimal breakage and weight loss on the cut or sawn stone. Additionally, the product can cut through “tension stones,” which are especially prone to damage during any type of processing, be it mechanical or laser.

The product also provides an efficient and direct link to the company’s rough planning machine DiaExpert-which works with the company’s laser marker DiaMark-Z-and Advisor software-advanced and user friendly software for computerized mapping, analysis, and laser marking of rough diamonds.

Ti:sapphire laser mirrors

The TLMB, a new Ti:sapphire laser mirror from CVI Laser LLC (Albquerque, NM; features high reflectivity, broad band performance, and a high laser damage threshold. The product has been designed and stocked for 800nm applications. However, this coating can be tailored for any visible (400 to 700 nm) or near-infrared (700 to 2100 nm) application.

3-axis cutting systems

A new four-page, four-color brochure explains the operational performance versatility and productivity advantages for NTC America Laser Group’s (Farmington Hills, MI; 3-axis, two-dimensional CO2 laser cutting systems-the TLX series. Of the five TLX models available, the smallest provides a working stroke of 102 x 244 inches while the largest provides a work envelope of 179 x 1200 inches.

Compact pulsed fiber laser

New from Lumics GmbH (Berlin, Germany;, the LU1060F015 offers up to 30 μJ pulse energy and is a short pulse Ytterbium fiber laser in MOPA configuration. The laser can be tuned over a wide range of pulse parameters via a conventional USB computer interface. The laser emits at 1064nm wavelength from a single-mode fiber with a very high beam quality. The fiber is specified at a standard length of 0.7m terminated with FC/APC connector. Optional collimator and focuser are available. The laser is specified with an average output power of 150 mW.

TEA laser marking system

The LP2000 series of TEA laser marking system from Worldwide Laser Services Corp. (Gilbert, AZ; utilizes a mask for laser etching and laser marking. The LP2000 series of TEA mask CO2 lasers come in several configurations from Standard Systems (SS) to High Speed (HS), and Very High Speed (VHS). Reportedly, they are capable of marking or etching up to 90,000 parts per hour. They are generally air cooled but for higher-speed operations they are water cooled. Power ranges from 1.9 J to 5.0 J, depending on the model and configuration. The lasers require an external gas bottle and are ‘flow through’ so that the laser gas mix is consumed.

Cutting system

Bystronic’s (Hauppauge, NY; Byspeed 4020 laser cutting system increases the cutting area to 6 x 13 feet while maintaining the high-speed acceleration of the Byspeed 3015. The company’s DHM drive technology reportedly delivers exceptional acceleration along both the X and Y axis up to 3 Gs. User-friendly design ensures optimum access to the cutting area through a telescoping, retractable access door. The system also features the 5200W resonator with Adaptive Radius Control technology.

Small-tube cutter

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Model LT2000 laser cutting system for small tubes, from AltaMAR Laser and Control (Fridley, MN;, is offered to users who fabricate tubular components from round tubing with diameters as small as 0.125 inch or as large as 1.0 inch. According to the company, the system can produce completed parts in one process-end profiles and internal features are cut in one pass. Available with a variety of laser sources, including CO2, Nd:YAG, and fiber, the system is capable of cutting mild steel, stainless, aluminum, or non-metals of various sizes and wall thicknesses. A back-strike system prevents the formation of debris on the ID of the tube. The LT2000 accepts tubes to 12 feet.

Unattended cutting

A new material handling option increases the capacity of the TC L 2510 laser cutting machine from TRUMPF Inc. (Farmington, CT; to run unattended. A new hydraulic transport cart is used for loading and/or unloading different material types and thicknesses onto and from the system. Reportedly, different stations, each with an individual capacity of 6600 pounds, may be loaded with a variety of material sizes (up to 4 x 10 feet). The pallets are transferred to the machine and accessed by the integrated sheet loading system. The pedestal system is integrated with the machine and works directly from the machine control. A production planner screen on the control allows the user to define the sequence of the jobs to be run. Additional pedestals can be added to the line to increase the amount or type of raw material available to the machine.


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New from MBraun and Rofin (Starnberg, Germany;, gloveboxes with integrated gas cleaning offer high purity in an argon atmosphere (purity 6.0). Various sizes are available: from 1200 mm to 1800 mm wide and from 780 mm to 1200 mm deep as well as custom sizes. Each glovebox has a lock through which the welding material can be loaded into the box. The gas is circulated constantly through a filter eliminating water, oxygen, and nitrogen. Specific sensors permanently control the purity of the inert gas atmosphere. The attained parameters can be stored and archived and serve as the basis for retraceable and documented gas qualities during welding.

Single-photon detection module

New from id Quantique (Geneva, Switzerland;, the id100-50 is a single-photon detection module with 50 μm active area and free space input, and the id100-MMF50 is a single-photon detection module with multimode fiber input, fiber core of 50 μm. Performance specifications include a wavelength range of 350 to 900 nm, timing resolution of typically 40 ps, dark count rate typically 50 Hz, no memory effect, and no damage caused by strong illumination.

Cutting/marking system

The SBM 1200-M laser cutting and marking system from P.T.G. Industries (Lake Mary, FL; utilizes a 1000W fiber laser and has an efficiency rate of 50-60 percent. Reportedly, its spot size is 1/10 the size of a CO2 laser’s, which permits greater detail and higher accuracy in cutting and marking. The company says the product’s cutting capabilities can be used for medical device mirco-cutting applications, hydro-formed components, automotive frames cutting, and blank cutting. It can also perform welding applications such as sintering, pipe/plate welding, and spot welding flexures. The removable cutting head can be replaced with a scanning head.

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