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Air-cooled CO2 lasers

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Universal Laser Systems Inc. (Scottsdale, AZ) has introduced what it calls the industry's first 300-watt and 150-watt air-cooled CO2 lasers. The units have built-in RF supplies, integrated cooling and provide good beam quality in both the near and far fields. The high-power air-cooled CO2 lasers offer efficient integration options for manufacturers.

According to the company, users will be able to save money on components and integration time and also will be able to better utilize manufacturing space with the products' efficient design. The lasers also will have a water-cooled option. The company backs its lasers with a standard 15-month warranty and offers engineering assistance.

Continuous-feed laser system

The CFL laser cutting system from EdgeWise Tools Inc. (Bainbridge Island, WA) cuts shapes from a continuous roll of material—up to 60 inches wide and virtually any length. The system's "conveyorized" cutting system, which is built around the company's Continuous Feed Laser technology, eliminates the material waste typically created by traditional cutting systems, according to the company. In addition to length and width options, the system cuts a broad range of materials-from fabric to up to 1/2-inch non-metal material.

Wavelength scanning option

Positive Light's (Los Gatos, CA) Indigo-S is a tunable nanosecond pulsed laser based on the harmonics of Ti:sapphire. The newest version includes a wavelength scanning option that provides computer-controlled wavelength scanning with 0.1 cm-1 step size. This option provides two new automated capabilities: course wavelength tuning and fine wavelength scanning. The coarse wavelength tuning controls the Ti:sapphire oscillator wavelength and the phase-matching angles of the harmonic conversion crystals. The coarse wavelength tuning controls the wavelength to within 0.25 nm. The system comprises a Ti:sapphire oscillator, pumped by the Evolution DPSS Nd:YLF laser, and a compact frequency conversion package that converts the fundamental wavelength to SHG or FHG.

Laser markable aluminum

AlumaMark from Horizons Inc. (Cleveland, OH) enables the user to laser mark permanent black positive text or barcodes on a gold or silver colored aluminum. The product is compatible with a range of CO2 and low-power Nd:YAG lasers. It requires between 8 and 12 watts of power to mark and is manufactured in several thicknesses and sheet sizes. Precut blanks can be ordered.

Beam shaper

The Refractive Beam Shaper from Newport Corp. (Irvine, CA) converts Gaussian laser beam input to produce a collimated, flat-top beam that can propagate without change in power and intensity or loss of uniformity over large distances. According to the company, the product relies on low-dispersion refractive optics and produces no hard edges, speckles or diffraction effects. Benefits over diffractive optics include wavelength insensitivity, collimated output and simpler mounting and alignment.

Measurement system

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The MicroLine 400 critical dimension measurement system from Micro-Metric Inc. (San Jose, CA) automatically measures linewidth, overlay and other critical features on wafers and photomasks. The product measures from 0.5 µm to 400 µm in size. Measurement repeatability is 4 nm (1 sigma) or better with a 100X objective lens. A motorized X-Y stage provides 25 µm stage positional accuracy.

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