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Laser machining/HSC milling combo

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DMG America's Lasertec combined HSC milling and 3D laser machining system is offered as a substitute for EDM processes. The DML 60 HSC makes unlimited high-speed milling and delicate 3D laser work possible and offers easy programming. All preliminary work is undertaken by the HSC milling head rotating at up to 42,000 rpm. The machine accelerates at 0.7 g to a high speed of 1968 ipm. The laser head, in the same mount and without any additional programming, undertakes the finishing work on fine details, sharp edges, engraving, or lettering. According to the company, this combination results in a time savings of up to 70 percent compared with EDM. And when attended and unattended machining times are compared, the time savings with laser machining is specified as 90 percent better than the EDM process.

The system operates with Nd:YAG lasers with an average output power of 100 W. The Q-switch is used to pulse the beam at peak power outputs between 10 and 26.8 ft/lbs. Coupled with the beam's focal diameter of 0.0039 in, this means a high power density that evaporates the material. Depending on the required surface quality, the material is removed in layers between 1 and 5 µm thick.

Temperature control system

The expanded line of Duratherm systems from Mokon (Buffalo, NY) provides an increased pump capacity of up to 10 HP, flow rates to 120 gpm, and increased heating capacity of up to 96 kW. These circulating water temperature-control systems are available in single- and dual-zone configurations with temperatures to 300° F. Non-corrosive materials of construction provide rust resistance and the canister design ensures high heat transfer rate for economical operation.

Laser system

The SG Series lasers from Online Inc. (McHenry, IL) cut panels, sheets, and overlays from virtually any type of material. The split gantry design offers increased precision and facilitates material handling with newly developed features that streamline the entire setup and laser cutting operation. This modular designed laser cutting system accommodates any CO2 or Nd:YAG laser. The series provides true vector velocity laser control so that laser output is adjusted in real time based on the combined vector velocity in the x and y axes.

Diode laser scanner

With Laserline GmbH's (Mulheim-Karlich, Germany) DioScan diode laser scanner systems plastic materials of almost any weld-seam contour can be welded with high flexibility. The systems with output power up to 1000 W allow for high process speeds and easy adaptation for new tasks and are used for processing complex contours without moving the laser head or the parts to be welded.

Safety light curtain

New from Keyence Corporation of America (Woodcliff Lake, NJ), the SL-C Series safety light curtain eliminates "dead zones" and increases worker safety in and around hazardous areas or dangerous machinery by creating a complete edge-to-edge detection zone. The product complies with ANSI, OSHA, JIS, and IEC Category 4 international safety standards and regulations. The optical system design enables light elements to be positioned 5 mm from the edge of a light bar segment. Fifteen models are available.

Laser power probe

The Comet handheld, high-precision, high-power laser power probe from Ophir Optronics Inc. (Wilmington, MA) measures laser power from 200W to 10,000 W. The product provides an absolute accuracy of ±5 percent at calibrated wavelengths. It is calibrated for CO2, Nd:YAG, and diode lasers with a spectral range for CO2 of 10.6 µm and 800-1064 nm for Nd:YAG-type lasers. Linearity with power is ±2 percent from 1kW to 10kW. The probe handle swivels ±90 degrees, with regards to the absorber head.

Camera selection guide

Spiricon Inc. (Logan, UT) announces a new Camera Selection Guide for laser beam analyzers. The guide features many new cameras, including visible CCDs, phosphor-coated NIR CCDs, miniature InGaAs, and the Pyrocam III IR and terahertz camera. Pricing ranges from $595 to $25,000.

Variable beam attenuator

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The UM-VA UV excimer laser variable beam attenuator from JPSA Laser (Hollis, NH) is intended for applications ..including selective material removal, micromachining, surface effectuations, and laser process parameter studies. Users can perform optics adjustments at low laser power settings for safer conditions and less chance of optical damage to the optical beam delivery system. The dynamic range specification is nominally from 5 to 90 percent plus 100 percent transmission. A proprietary variable transmission filter enables a range of energy adjustment.

Diode laser module

A new catalog from BEA Lasers (Elk Grove Village, IL) provides details on visible red diode laser modules from 1 to 26 mW. Available wavelengths are 635 and 650 nm. The projected beam can be a spot, line, or a crosshair pattern. The 532nm green diode laser modules are also available at 1 and 3 mW outputs

Cross-flow resonator

The 40CFX is a high-power, high-efficiency resonator from Mitsubishi (Wood Dale, IL) that cuts up to 1-in mild steel, 1/2-in aluminum, and 3/4-in stainless steel. With just 500 additional watts of power from previous designs, the company has achieved up to 60 percent faster cutting and a 50 percent improvement in cut quality from this 4kW laser. The unit offers increased versatility with a 5Hz control feature for high-detail cutting, polarization reflection absorbing mirror, and high-speed power resonator for safe processing of reflective materials, and rectangular pulse output that is ideal for low heat processing.

Switching power supply

The TEK 150 series of 105W, AC/DC switching power supplies from HiTek Power (Santee, CA) measure 1.5 × 3 × 5 inches and weigh less than one pound. Their U-channel casing enables them to be operated at up to 100 watts without fan cooling or up to 150 watts with forced cooling of 16 cubic feet per minute. Four models offer output voltage ratings of 5–6, 12–16, 24–30, and 48–56 volts.

Free space lasers

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Standard features of the ChromaLase Series from Blue Sky Research (Milpitas, CA) include TEC coolers, integrated drive, control, and monitor ..electronics. Lasers will be available in visible and near-IR wavelengths between 405 and 980 nm. All offer stable power over a wide temperature range, low noise, high power efficiency, small form factor, and diffraction-limited beam quality. The ChromaLase 635 features a 25mW output laser diode with proprietary beam-collimating optics that generates a circular, diffraction-limited, low-divergence beam.

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