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Planetary disc system

Th 126344
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The multiple planetary disc option, in conjunction with new media, from Hans Weber Corp. (Olathe, KS) enable the company's machines to remove laser (and plasma) oxide scale on the longitudinal, cross and contour edges, including holes and slots, in a single pass on parts up to 0.350-inch thick and up to 1-inch thick in two passes. The multiple-action planetary discs replace the standard Scotch Bright or Spider abrasive. There are multiple small brushes with vertical media around each disc (and there are multiple discs, depending on the machine width). Also available is a new media that can be mounted in the planetary disc assemblies, which will round all part edges, including stainless-steel parts.

The planetary disc option can be added to the larger NLC and MLC (wet and dry) series machines as well as the dry TT series.

Optical filters

Stabilife optical filters from BFi Optilas (Evry, France) in collaboration with Spectra-Physics-Corion offer high throughput, steep transitions, excellent rejection and low autofluorescence. According to the company, without any need for hermetic sealing, filters constructed using Stabilife films will typically provide a field lifetime that is several orders of magnitude greater than the lifetime of filters produced using conventional film processes.

Pulse energy head

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Model PE50-DIF-U pyroelectric head from Ophir Optronics Inc. (Wilmington, MA) features a high damage threshold and high repetition rate (millions of pulses with no change in calibration). The unit measures pulse energy from 40 µJ to 10 µJ, up to 3000 Hz. Linearity is specified at one percent for greater ..than 10 percent of full scale, while the maximum pulsewidth is 30 µs. The unit's maximum average power is 20 W with a maximum average power density of 25 W/cm2.

Flatness kit

Designed for aligning production machinery and industrial equipment, the Microgage 2000 flatness and leveling kit from Pinpoint Laser Systems (Newburyport, MA) provides 0.0001 inch measuring capability and can operate over a 30-foot radius. The kit comprises three primary components: the laser transmitter, a precision rotary base and a digital receiver and display. The laser is housed in a machined enclosure and projects a red laser reference beam that can be aimed selectively at different measurement locations.

Measurement instrumentation catalog

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The 128-page, four-color 2003 Laser Measurement Instruments catalog from Ophir Optronics Inc. (Wilmington, MA) includes information on the company's entire line of photodiode, thermal, pyroelectric, repetitive pulse and OEM measurement heads. In addition, the catalog provides detailed specifications on the company's beam analyzer, beam profiler, wavelength and temporal profiling systems.

Electrical equipment enclosure

EIC Solutions Inc. (Warminster, PA) offers an electrical equipment enclosure that eliminates the threat of overheating. A built-in thermoelectric air conditioner provides the cooling needed to maintain safe temperatures within the relatively small enclosures. According to the company, this electrical enclosure can cool its contents to below ambient temperatures while protecting them from harsh environments. The units are available in 400 BTU, 800 BTU and 1500 BTU and constructed to NEMA 12 and 4X standards for indoor or outdoor use.

Flexible manufacturing cell

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Finn-Power International (Schaumburg, IL) has introduced the LPE, a high-precision flexible manufacturing cell ..(FMC) that combines a six-axis, servomotor-driven E 5 turret punch press, the latest generation of CO2 laser and an automatic loading, stacking and unloading robot. The system provides punching, marking, tapping, nibbling, upforming, bending and laser cutting all in one machine.

Precision screws

Ultraminiature ball screws from Steinmeyer Inc. (Bedford, MA) are available in diameters as small as three millimeters with choice of two pitches—1 millimeter or 0.5 millimeter. The screws are equipped with one of four types of ball nuts, with or without preload. Using the company's internal ball deflector returns, the nuts offer smooth low noise operation in a compact size. Custom lengths are available with journals machined to a control drawing.


Designed to provide reliable cooling for a variety of laser applications, including metal cutting, DuraChill chillers from PolyScience (Niles, IL) are suitable for process temperatures from 32° F to 86° F and are capable of providing up to 236,000 BTUs or more of heat removal. Temperature stability is ±2.0° F. The portable units are available in 1 1/2 to 20 HP models and a variety of configurations. Standard features include digital microprocessor ..control with LED temperature readout, digital pressure and flow rate readout, high and low pressure safeties, high and low temperature alarms and remote on/off capability.

Linear guides

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Ball Monorial—Monorail Series MB and miniature linear guideways—Series Minirail from Schneeberger Inc. (Bedford, MA) are available with in-..stock delivery time. The Minirail series is a family of robust, two-row miniature guideways made from stainless steel. An advanced ball-retainer design simplifies installation and maintenance. Four standard sizes are available: 7, 9, 12 and 15. Two accuracy grades, two preload categories and rail lengths up to 980 nm are available. Monorail BM offers running characteristics such as low pulsation, low friction values and high traveling speeds.

Beam delivery optics

CO2 laser optics from Laser Research Optics (Providence, RI) are offered in 1/2-inch to 1 1/2-inch diameter sizes in a variety of thicknesses and are available with coatings to match specific phase and polarization requirements. Featuring less than 0.2 percent total absorption, these zinc selenide optics are designed for use with 25W to 200W lasers. Available with focal lengths from 1 inch to 25 inches in 1/2-inch increments, the optics are optimized for 10.6µm radiation.

Position sensor

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Balluf Inc.'s (Florence, KY) BIL is 95mm long and delivers high resolution, analog temperature-compensated linearized stroke information up to 50 mm, and nonlinearized ..stroke information up to 60 mm. Voltage and current-output versions are available. There are no moving parts other than the magnet. Its sensor head and processing elements are sealed to IP 67 standard, providing high resistance to shock, vibration, moisture and common contaminants.

Non-ball lead screws

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Comprising small diameter, precision rolled lead screw assemblies, the Mini Series from Kerk Motion Products (Hollis, NH) provides reliable precision motion control at up to 1/10th of the cost of miniature ..ball screws, according to the company. The series is offered in anti-backlash and general-purpose lead screw assemblies, in the company's NTB, NTG and B-Series. The lead screws are made of 303 stainless steel and are available with the company's proprietary, long-life TFE coating. Standard diameters are as small as 0.125 inch. Custom diameters less than 2 mm and custom-designed nuts also are available.

Scan head

The galvanometer scanners in the intelliScan 10 from Scanlab AG (Puchheim, Germany) are driven via newly developed digital servo-amplifiers. Employing a high-performance control algorithm, the digital servos enable improved dynamics and marking quality. According to the company, the product enables real-time monitoring of all important galvo status parameters, including position, speed and amplifier current. Also, the scan system can be software-queried for serial number, date-of-manufacture, accumulated operating hours and other parameters.

Interface board

The RTC4 PC interface board from Scanlab AG (Puchheim, Germany) can communicate with the processors integrated in the intelliScan scan heads. The board can transfer current status parameters of the scan head axes (for example, position, speed, amplifier current) to the PC in real time. Additionally, it can query the extended diagnosis functions of digital scan heads for information such as motor and scan head temperatures, accumulated operating hours, serial number, scan head type and date-of-manufacture. It is supplied with DLL drivers for Windows XP/2000/NT4/ME/9x and is backward compatible with the RTC3.

Galvanometer scanner

DynAxis M, the newest member of Scanlab AG's (Puchheim, Germany) galvanometer scanner family, is engineered for the 12-16 mm aperture range. According to the company, the product features an innovative position detector system and a novel rotor design providing maximum stiffness and rigidity. To optimize drift behavior, precision and stability, the unit is equipped with a temperature feedback line and a scanner heater for temperature regulation and stabilization.

Micro-machining system

The PPM-1600 from Exitech Ltd. (Oxford, UK) is designed for large-area micro-patterning of polymers. For example, the system can generate large arrays of convex and concave micro lenses, including aspherics and other complex shapes. In the process, the desired mathematically defined surface topology is first translated into a multi-aperture photomask. Using a technique called synchronized image scanning, the photomask is then used to laser-etch the desired topology into the polymer.

High-speed spindle

Matched angular contact bearing sets in Aerotech Inc.'s 1(Pittsburgh, PA) ASR2000 minimize spindle error motions. Additionally, the product is balanced to ISO 1940 G 1.0 tolerances. This design includes externally accessible balancing screws that can be adjusted with final payload in place. Labrynth-type sealing minimizes particle migration from the spindle. The product offers a velocity ripple of less than 0.1 percent, a total radial error motion of less than 3µm and a total axial error motion of less than 1.5µm.

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