Cutting aluminum with the world’s fastest laser

The laser cutting system is able to cut 0.2-in-thick aluminum with a beam from a 20 kW fiber laser at phenomenal rates.

Eagle Laser Cutting System
(Credit: Eagle Lasers)

I’m usually wary of using superlatives when writing about laser processing—fastest is one of these.

When sending out new product releases, developers at Eagle Lasers (Wałcz, Poland) generally back them with proof—for example, highest power or fastest rates. So their latest product news, cutting 0.2-in-thick aluminum with a beam from a 20 kW fiber laser at phenomenal rates, is backed up with a link to a video as evidence that documents their new 20 kW laser cutter as the fastest fiber laser in the world.

What caught my attention was a statement that precision cutting at the fastest speeds was accomplished with linear motors on all axes and a polymer granite base structure that enabled 6g acceleration and 14,000 ipm max traverse speed. Great stuff, but what does a user do with those cut parts and scrap? Tucked away in their promotional material was that pallet changes in 9 seconds is also offered, along with compatible material handling and tower systemsall made by Eagle.

So, the fastest and quickest laser is also available in the highest power and the company can demonstrate what 20 kW will do on sheet and plate metal applicationslaser piercing and cuts at rates beyond any other laser, thus delivering the lowest cost per part.

Source: Eagle Lasers

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