Pland Stainless invests in new fiber laser cutting machine

The 4 m fiber laser cutting machine has been installed and been in use since July 2019.

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As part of a £500,000 investment in facility improvements, Pland Stainless (Leeds, England) has purchased a new 4 m Bystronic fiber laser cutting machine to improve productivity.

The machine has been installed and been in use since July 2019, halfway through a year of celebrations as the business celebrates its 100th year at the same facility. The company's new high-speed laser cutting system enables precision cutting of stainless steel raw material, improving both manufacturing speed and accuracy. 

Pland Stainless designs and manufactures stainless steel products largely for the commercial sector. The company supplies its products to the healthcare, sanitary ware, washroom, laboratory, education, catering, janitorial, and secure accommodation markets. A growing and significant proportion of the business is its technical teamwork with clients to design stainless steel products that deliver specific solutions, using its in-house CAD/CAM and 3D modeling technology.  

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