Believe it: Manufacturing is in!

With 3D printing, manufacturing has become big news.

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It had to happen. Manufacturing made it big-time in the Wall Street Journal with a report titled "A Revolution in the Making," with additive manufacturing featured throughout. A story on 3D Printing should get investors racing to buy into the companies feeding this technology. And one on Jay Leno using it gives credence to "every man" having one in his garage.

By and off itself, this report is not going to turn the worlds of modern manufacturing upside down, but it will be the "water cooler" talk today and for some to come as it will be the popular buzz word for a while – manufacturing. And what’s wrong with us getting some of the glamor that investment banking basks in?

I must say that 3D printing in the popular media has done more for US manufacturing in the past year then all the efforts made by the technology media. Just check out Goggle or even your local and network news. Never mind the cable shows for the geeks and nerds. It’s on and treated like the "gee whiz" that it is.

So thanks to all for making manufacturing the talk of the town right now.

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