ICALEO 2015 takes Atlanta

If you have never attended ICALEO, it's more than sitting in the dozens of sessions—it’s the networking this event is famous for.

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The 34th edition of the International Congress on Applications of Lasers and Electro-Optics (ICALEO) will be held October 18-22, 2015, in Atlanta, GA. Long recognized as one of the most important international conferences on laser material processing, the four-day sessions feature papers on advanced material processing that are precursors to developing commercial applications.

Among the multitude of papers presented by leading process developers are the current hot topic of 2µm fiber laser processing that is expanding processing of materials, joining of dissimilar and reflective materials, bending of small radii in titanium sheet, hybrid welding of thick steel plate and drilling of cooling holes, and structuring inside of transparent materials. Two other applications currently in the news for laser processing are cutting CFRP materials and sapphire.

If you have never attended ICALEO, be advised that it is more than sitting in one of the dozens of sessions—it’s the networking this event is famous for. The Laser Institute of America (LIA), the event's organizer, artfully arranges a maximum of time for attendees to meet and exchange technical information that expands on that being presented in the rooms. I personally value these interactions because they allow me to meet so many other interesting attendees.

Here’s an aside to North American readers: Having a world-class laser material processing conference in your backyard is an annual event that should be on your calendar if laser processing is your thing. You don’t have to travel to China, Japan, or Europe to hear the latest on this subject—it’s right here in an easy-to-get-to locale. So register now and give yourself a real treat.

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