Celebrating anniversaries

The year 2020 will be significant for Industrial Laser Solutions, as it's our 35th anniversary.

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I am in the process of planning editorial for Industrial Laser Solutions' 2020 issues.

The year 2020 will be significant for ILS, as it's our 35th anniversary. Traditionally, the 35th is the Coral Anniversary, with a claim this material wards off the demons of darkness, thus banishing nightmares. So, for example, if I were to use coral's 'magic' in my ILS editorials, it might affect the global manufacturing economy for 2020.  

Jade, however, is the modern symbol for 35th anniversaries, symbolizing serenity and peace, associated with the powerful ability to reduce tension. So, I may prefer to go with that. 

Next year, I’ll be celebrating my Golden Anniversary in industrial laser material processing, and 20 years of writing the My View column in each issue of ILS. In 2020, I plan to include anecdotal (mostly humorous) selections from past My View comments, selected to connect with current happenings. 

As the Editor in Chief, Iwith the assistance of an Editorial Advisory Boardwill select the feature articles that appear in ILS. Each issue in 2020 will have a theme: cutting, welding, marking, surface treatment, micromachining, and additive manufacturing, with a number of features on the theme subject.  

I extend an invitation to qualified authors who would like to contribute an article on any of these themes. Submit your suggestion to dbelforte@endeavorb2b.com before August 12, 2019. 

I also invite readers to submit ideas on other subjects to be published in ILS next year, preferably with suggestions for potential authors.

To get a flavor for what ILS publishes, check out the archives at industrial-lasers.com. You will note that ILS typically publishes contributions from authors located all over the world, in line with our subscriber base of manufacturing professionals in more than 150 countries. I look forward to more new authors contributing to ILS

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