Morf3D to use EOS laser sintering for production flight hardware manufacturing

The purchase builds on Morf3D's existing metal additive manufacturing infrastructure.

3D printing technology supplier EOS (Novi, MI) has sold two of its EOS M 400-4 metal 3D printers to additive design and manufacturing company Morf3D (El Segundo, CA). The two printers fulfil the first part of Morf3D's letter of intent to acquire a total of 10 EOS M 400-4 machines in the upcoming months.

The purchase builds on Morf3D's existing metal additive manufacturing infrastructure housed at its Innovation Center in El Segundo, and allows the company to respond the growing market demand for precision, metal 3D-printed applications. For example, the company recently engaged with Boeing (Chicago, IL) and Honeywell (Morris Plains, NJ) to supply production flight hardware.

When this phase of the investment is complete, Morf3D will have 10 EOS M 400-4 machines, one EOS M 400, and three EOS M 290s, according to Glynn Fletcher, president of EOS North America.

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