Additive manufacturing grew 17.4% in 2016, says Wohlers Associates

In its 2017 report, Wohlers Associates has stated that the additive manufacturing industry grew 17.4% in 2016.

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In its 2017 report, Wohlers Associates (Fort Collins, CO), a top authority on additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) worldwide, has stated that the additive manufacturing industry grew 17.4% in 2016—down from 25.9% in 2015. Much of the downturn came from declines by the two largest system manufacturers in the business that, together, represent $1.31 billion (21.7%) of the $6.063-billion additive manufacturing industry, according to the report. If these two companies were excluded from the analysis, the industry would have grown 24.9%.

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According to the report, 97 manufacturers produced and sold additive manufacturing systems in 2016, up from 62 companies in 2015 and 49 in 2014. These manufacturers are providing interesting products and unprecedented competition in the additive manufacturing industry. This wave of development and commercialization is putting pressure on established producers of additive manufacturing systems.

Input for the report was collected from 100 service providers, 61 industrial system manufacturers, and 19 producers of third-party materials and low-cost desktop 3D printers. Separately, 76 experts and organizations in 31 countries contributed information and insight to the new publication.

This report is an excellent learning tool and a powerful reference, providing an in-depth review and analysis of growth, competitive products and services, and the future outlook for the industry. It covers the technology's history, applications, materials, processes, and equipment manufacturers. The report documents R&D, investment, and activities in government, academia, and industry. It brings to light the changing range of additive manufacturing technologies, markets, and business models.

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The 344-page report, titled Wohlers Report 2017, includes 28 charts and graphs, 26 tables, and 232 photographs and illustrations. It also includes more than 160 pages of supplemental online information that is available to buyers of the report.

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